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With reports of increased sales transactions, property price growth and heightened activity from buyers, 2020 is already shaping up to be a strong year for property.

How are you planning to monetise March market fever?

We’ve prepared six campaigns for estate agents this March, geared around promoting these promising market conditions to prospective sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants in your database.

Agents using our monthly send plans are seeing an increase in business activity, appraisals and instructions from our pre-prepared content and professional designs.

What could you be generating from your marketing?


It’s been a record year

Educate, inform, win more instructions.

Featuring a Rightmove GIF, this campaign will provide your customers with ample reason to have an updated appraisal of their property with your estate agency.

Benefit from positive brand association as you position yourself as a key voice within the industry and your local area.

Draw attention to your sales or lettings service, as well as your latest listings for sale or let, and motivate your clients to make the most of March market fever.

The return of buyer confidence

Right now, buyer confidence greatly outweighs what sellers are feeling.

Branded to your agency, this campaign provides prospects with three proven advantages to selling in spring 2020 – improved buyer confidence, larger homes in greater demand and more committed buyers.

First-time buyers and young families – in particular – are driving these market trends, as they make their move onto and up the ladder.

Target your most engaged contacts to convert more leads to instruction; supporting the idea that they’ll be able to sell quicker and at a better price due to current demand.

Why sell this spring?

Properties brought onto the market in March sell the fastest, taking – on average – 57 days to get from listing to Sold STC.

By adding what you know about Halifax’s 4.1% property price increase, this campaign amplifies what you’ve been telling your customers for years; spring is a great time for sellers.

Key benefits:

  • Drive website traffic to your online valuation tool and / or appraisal booking page.
  • Qualify your leads by looking at your Return on Investment reports, i.e. email open and click-through analysis.
  • Influence more business whilst prioritising where your team dedicate their time and resources.

A reliable retirement investment

As a multi-purpose campaign, this message can be adapted to target downsizers or existing and prospective landlords looking to expand their portfolio.

Grounded in statistics, it gives weight to the idea of property being a sound investment for anyone wanting to add to their retirement income.

A third of those aged 55+ will use their property to bolster their retirement, whilst 46% of UK landlords see their portfolio as the best form of investment.

Your local property advice team

By using findings from reputable industry sources, demonstrate to your customers that you could help them navigate market conditions in a post-Brexit environment – proving your value as the local property advice team.

The landlord rules being broken

As many as 84% of tenants will routinely break the terms of their agreement.

With a 30% let-only opportunity in your landlord database, upsell your fully-managed services by pointing out exactly what damage you could prevent from happening to their rentals.

Each month, we prepare a send plan full of email marketing campaigns just for estate and letting agents.

These drag-and-drop campaigns are fully-optimised for mobile and are designed to increase your brand awareness and influence more appraisals and instructions in 2020.

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