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Property-specific features

Marketing features built to help agents win more business and grow their market share.

Return on Investment dashboard


Access a dedicated ROI dashboard built for property professionals. Track your marketing spend and analyse your marketing funnel. See how many valuations and instructions your campaigns are influencing, how much additional website traffic your campaigns are driving, and how these metrics translate to tangible revenue generated for your business.




Get an unparalleled insight into your clients’ next intentions. BoostYourMarket collates your clients’ website interactions and campaign engagement, helping you to quickly identify the potential buyers, vendors, landlords and tenants in your database. At a glance, see your most engaged clients, your hottest properties, and identify buyers that need a market appraisal or vendors that are looking to book viewings.


Digi-Val: the integrated online estimation tool


Digi-Val is a lead-generation tool that can generate potential vendors and landlords for your agency. Through your multi-channel marketing campaigns, you can encourage prospective and existing clients to visit your Digi-Val tool and exchange their details for a quick online estimate of their property’s value. Once they receive their online estimate, they will then be prompted to request a market appraisal with your agency.


Portal lead responder


With analysis indicating that up to 40% of all portal leads are not followed up, our portal lead responder ensures that your agency replies to 100% of all portal enquiries. Send an automated response to the client that includes all relevant property criteria and directs them to the listing on your website. All leads are then stored in a dedicated inbox ready for you to follow-up with when convenient.




Sent on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, E-Zines feature your most expensive properties, recently added properties, and recently reduced properties. Using our property feed service, our team create and distribute your E-Zine on your behalf, saving your agency valuable time and money.


Auto 20/20


Automate the most lucrative print campaigns for agents: ‘recently sold’, ‘recently let’ and ‘fresh on the market’. Auto 20/20 automatically evaluates when the status of a property changes and populates a direct mail campaign to target the nearest 40 properties of a similar calibre.


Product feeds and hot property campaigns


Maximise the value from your portal spend with unlimited hot property campaigns. Promote your properties directly to your database, generate more viewings and use them as an instruction-winning tool when discussing marketing strategies with potential vendors.


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