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Our mission is to provide all of our customers with a functional, accessible and effective multi-channel marketing solution that clearly displays demonstrable Return on Investment.

Growth, profitability and world-class service.

That’s what we stood for when we began way back in 2008, and it still epitomises what we strive for every day for our customers.

Damon Bullimore  |  Chief Executive Officer

For our customers:

Customer success is at the heart of everything we do. Our team are committed to actively turning our clients’ marketing ideas into tangible revenue.

For platform users:

Our development team aim to deliver the most accessible and user-friendly platform possible at all times.

For our employees:

Above all, great culture, teamwork, innovation and world-class customer service are our core principles.

For our partners:

We are committed to building mutually profitable and sustainable relationships that enhance our customers’ experience.

About BriefYourMarket.com

We’re a multi award-winning business; proud to be recognised as a fast-growth company, which culminated in us receiving Deloitte’s prestigious 5th fastest growing technology company award in 2014.

The catalyst behind the BriefYourMarket.com platform came from a customer who wanted the ability to tie together their CRM and e-marketing systems, so that the individual who was receiving the communication could select the content they wanted to receive from the company.

We quickly grew from being a preference-based e-marketing platform, adding a range of complementary marketing features, such as: integrations, automation, a dedicated print suite, SMS and surveys, and our Communications Managed service.

We continue to grow in our core industries, and currently service 1,000s of marketing professionals worldwide in the property, insurance, leisure and hospitality sectors.

In 2015, we were honoured to have Mel Morris – one of the UK’s most eminent business professionals – join us as Chairman.

The Home Mover Sphere is huge. The £400bn gig economy that underpins general consumer confidence and market buoyancy. With £400bn in annual transaction value generated by 1.4 million UK residential property transactions, it is hardly surprising that almost 20,000 estate and letting agency branches want their share of the £10+ billion commissions on offer from businesses looking to sell their home mover related products and services.

Estate and letting agents face fierce local and national competition to win the sales instruction that creates the opportunity for potentially very rich pickings.

However, it will be how the agent develops their relationship with customers on both sides of each transaction that will determine just how much commission they can earn. Commissions from mortgage providers, conveyancing, surveyors, insurance, utilities, removals, phone and broadband can, in total, dwarf the direct commission generated by the sale or letting.

It is also the agent’s opportunity to impress the customer, stay connected and build a long-term relationship, generating incremental commissions from the cross and up-sell of additional products and services. Clear, relevant, timely and high-quality communications help agents to stand out from the crowd. Communications that track the customer’s journey and provide help and guidance to select the right services, making their transaction as stress-free and successful as possible. The customer needs to have trust and confidence in the agent and in the services being proposed, as well as their knowledge of the local area.

Agents have a vast array of information to manage. Most use one of the twenty or so common CRM applications and have access to a plethora of market and transaction data. The challenge is being able to correlate that information and custom-craft their communications at a personal level that resonates with each customer. How effective they are will determine the revenues and profit with thousands to be won or lost with each customer.

BriefYourMarket enables agents to boost their commissions by helping them to target and secure more value-added services from each home mover transaction. It does this by automatically correlating their disparate data sources then targeting, timing and personalising their customer communication with messaging that stands out from the crowd. Providing the information the customer needs, when the customer needs it.

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We’re always interested to hear from talented individuals who share our core principles of great culture and innovation.

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