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Your estate agency could save a minimum of £2,161 per branch every month with BriefYourMarket.com. Stop paying a premium for your marketing services from multiple parties. House it one place and track your results.

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BriefYourMarket.com can save your agency a minimum of £2,161 per branch every month by reducing your need to outsource your marketing activities to several third-party providers

By consolidating your marketing activities in one platform, we can maximise your marketing spend, generate you greater Return on Investment, and track your success metrics.

Savings calculation:

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Products and services Included with BriefYourMarket.comAverage saving per branch PCMAverage value generated per branch PCM by using BriefYourMarket.comWhat is this?
Online valuation estimation tool£95£9,000A powerful data-capture tool that provides an online estimation of house prices using Land Registry data based upon prices per area.
Portal lead autoresponder£100£2,500A 24-7 lead response mechanism that also provides further property details, similar properties and can assist in qualification by including surveys.
Fortnightly electronic magazine creation and broadcast £150£1,500A fortnightly digital publication that includes: all latest instructions, price reductions (since the previous issue), meet the team pages, advertisements, articles, and social media feeds.
Property Matcher*£100£0A facility that will automatically send a set of properties to prospective clients when you upload a new listing to your CRM. *For Reapit clients only.
Off-market prospect data tool£95£500Identify all houses within an area by geodemographics. E.g. Thinking of downsizing; aimed at residents living in G and H council tax banded properties, living there for 25 years + and over the age of 55.
On-market prospect data tool£195£3,000Target your competitors' listings at key stages: new to market, 14 weeks, price reduced + 2 weeks, fallen through or withdrawn. Target them with letters, SMS and email and cross-reference with your own dataset.
Survey engine £32£1,000A 'Survey Monkey' style survey engine that can be used for undertaking full surveys e.g. post-valuation. Can also be used to collect positive reviews for use on your own website, Google reviews, Feefo or Trustpilot, whilst gaining constructive feedback from negative reviews.
Web-to-print system£95£0An online digital design system for the creation of direct mail cards, letters, canvassing cards, stationery, and brochures.
Email broadcast engine£189£3,000Our integrated solution not only allows for the creation of the email but automatically brings in your data from your CRM software, allowing you to create custom filters to target specific audiences and include powerful customisation within the body of the message directly from your CRM.
Newsletter content creation£100£0Our team provide a newsfeed of topical, seasonal, and legislative content that is ready to be simply dragged and dropped into your newsletters.
Campaign content creation£100£0A library of top-performing, pre-designed campaigns that are indexed by target audience and goals, e.g. valuation targeted, landlord targeted, COVID-19 informative and tenant information.
Triggered customer journey engine £95£1,250A pre-designed automated journey based upon key changes of status or dates within your CRM. Automatically send emails, SMS, and letters at various stages during a journey or after completion (e.g. 7-year customer journey).
Telephone tracking for success reporting£15£1,500A tracking facility to trace the responses from all prospect mailings, recording all inbound calls and measuring success.
Client Communication Service£400£3,000Our Client Communication team create and send your email and social content marketing on your behalf.
Total saving per branch PCM: £2,161Total value generated per branch PCM: £26,250


BriefYourMarket.com is an award-winning multi-channel marketing platform that helps estate and letting agencies to grow their market share, increase appraisals and instructions, cross-sell financial services and generate repeat business.

Your consultation is provided free of charge and you are under no obligation to purchase. On average, a consultation takes around 30 minutes.