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Capture feedback, improve customer satisfaction and generate referrals from your marketing campaigns.

Generate referrals and improve loyalty

Client satisfaction surveys are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Generating referrals and gaining valuable insight into client satisfaction helps businesses to develop their marketing strategies.

Surveys are also extremely useful tools to gain a deeper understanding of the different segments within your database; helping marketers to further tailor their products and services in accordance with individual requirements.

With a range of question types to choose from, creating effective and on-brand survey campaigns is simple with BriefYourMarket.com. By having access to our in-depth survey reporting suite, you can see a detailed breakdown of all respondents’ answers, and get to know the individual likes and dislikes of each client.

Key benefits of surveys:


  • Six survey question options, including multiple choice and free text fields.
  • Branded survey templates.
  • Automation functionality.
  • Survey reporting.

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