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Promote incentives, discounts, events, reminders, renewals, or new products from just 6p per message.

Instant communication with your clients

SMS plays an important role in the marketing mix. They consistently achieve high open rates due to the immediacy and personalisation of the message. They are also recognised as being one of the best forms of communication to convey concise marketing or transactional information, such as flash offers or appointment reminders.

SMS marketing is easily integrated into your multi-channel strategy with BriefYourMarket.com. Follow-up with an SMS to a list of highly-engaged clients that are consistently interacting with your emails, or schedule a send to a specific filter of clients to remind them of an upcoming appointment or renewal period.

With real-time email notification displaying your recipients’ replies, and the ability to include keywords that provide accessible ways for them to express an interest in your products or services, SMS offers one of the most cost-effective and immediate communication mediums to keep clients connected to your brand.

Key benefits of SMS:

Real-time email respondent notification.

Include keywords.

SMS reporting.

Automation functionality.


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