Enter BriefYourMarket

Agents including Galbraith, Cheshire Lamont and the Scottish Property Centre reported that they had all categorically seen an increase in instructions, appraisals and viewings as a direct result of the free, monthly marketing strategies provided to them by BriefYourMarket.com.

With access to a library of over 70 top-performing, editable drag-and-drop campaigns, our property customers are finding it easier than ever to communicate with their database on a regular basis.

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What could you achieve with a monthly send plan?

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What do agents like about the Campaign Library?

“I love the monthly marketing campaigns, as they provide a brilliant agenda for the month and save time in planning the monthly marketing mix. The suggestions are insightful and very market-related.”

Margarita, Manager and Sales Progressor

“I use the campaigns across both email and the direct mail cards so that our content is consistent, it is great when I need to get something out quickly.”

Robyn Mitchell, Marketing

“I like the accessibility the Campaign Library gives us. It’s also a good way to help generate great campaign ideas.”

Sophia, Marketing

“It saves us a lot of time and enables us to send out more emails to clients.”

Lauren Bowden, Negotiator and Sales Progressor

“The Campaign Library is great for pulling marketing ideas together quickly.”

Craig Smith, Business Owner

“Ease of use.”

Michelle Hutchings, Marketing

“Helps give you a template to work off.”

Lucy Cheshire, Marketing

“Easy to use! Good for time saving!”

Gina Burbidge, Marketing and Administration