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Out of the 91% of estate agents currently outsourcing their marketing, 71% have no visibility on Return on Investment.
The obvious problem with this is that business owners are spending time, money and resources on a strategy that could be entirely wrong for them, their audience and their objectives.
At the top of agents’ priority list for 2020 is new leads (84%), instructions (76%), market share (71%), appraisals (67%), reviews (54%), cross-selling services (54%) and repeat business (49%).
For the full study, read our article here.
Using three examples, we take a look at how estate agents are implementing digital marketing with BriefYourMarket.com to achieve their marketing goals in 2020…
“We only started using BriefYourMarket.com this year really, a bit more regularly. We’ve been using it for mail-drops. We’re setting up the automation at the moment and the triggers for that – personalising them to our own uses. We’re looking at doing the CRM letters coming into the new year, possibly trialling that quite soon.
You have to invest your time into the system to get the best out of it. So, we’ll certainly be logging in and doing some of the monthly send plan campaigns that are provided to us in the coming weeks.
What do you find works best with BriefYourMarket.com?
“When I looked at the newsletters, we’ve had quite good click-through rates on that. The highest click-through rate came from the local news stories about developments happening in the city.
I also thought there was quite a good click-through rate on the quarterly news updates; what’s happening in the local area, it’s very local-centric, most people want to know what’s happening around them.”
Will you be trialling BuildYourMarket?
“We’ve trialled a similar company before and the data set that came through wasn’t entirely accurate, and after I did my own research and cross-referenced what they were giving us, they’d left 20% of the market out; so it wasn’t something we carried on with.
So, I’m looking forward to seeing if BuildYourMarket can provide us with a cleaner set of data that we can implement and work with.”
What do you find works best with BriefYourMarket.com?
“The automation – automation is great! It takes a lot of pressure off of everybody else in the business instead of having to do a lot of manual legwork chasing people up, it does it all for you and stops when you pick someone up; basically stopping after you’ve picked up the extra business.”
What do you find works best within your campaigns?
“Our welcome email works really well and gets people onto our website.
Anytime anyone signs up, they get a trigger that fires over and they get information about us, whether they want to buy, sell, let, become a landlord, become a tenant; you get all the information in one big package with all of our blog posts and articles.
We end up getting quite a high click-through rate on that, with people going onto our website and learning a bit more about us and who we are, so it’s a nice way to introduce ourselves.”
What advice would you give an agent on how to get the most out of BriefYourMarket.com?
“Put the time into it, because the time you put into it and the effort you put into setting up those triggers, the more rewards you reap.
It’s well worth it – once you’ve set up that initial amount of time, you’re done other than the odd update, it does what it says.”
“We’re a multi-branch agency in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire and we’ve been with BriefYourMarket.com for over four years now.
We started off just using your monthly newsletter and now we have a whole range of automated triggers set up as well – pre-val, post-val, customer surveys and one-year, two-year, three-year post-completion; just to keep in touch with our database.”
What do you find works best with BriefYourMarket.com?
“I really like the newsletters because it’s just an opportunity to communicate in a slightly different way with different messages; information about the market, information about the area we work in.
So, rather than just sending properties, we are actually filling them in on the community that we serve as well.”
Why have you decided to go on a BuildYourMarket trial?
“We’re just about to go on a BuildYourMarket trial because this year has been a little bit tougher for us, things like Brexit haven’t helped, so we’re looking at new opportunities to find new properties to list.
So, obviously we have got to start looking at properties that are being marketed with other agents, and to see how we can help them if they’re not selling, if they’re not moving.”
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