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It’s the local app that’s been taking the UK by storm over the past few years, but what is Nextdoor, and how can it help your estate agency?

What is Nextdoor?

Put simply, Nextdoor is a social networking app aimed at offering neighbours a place to come together and connect. The app blends some of the best bits of discussion forums, Facebook groups and buy and sell platforms to provide a great space for locals to talk about what’s important to them, local issues and ask for recommendation.

When a new user joins the site, they add their address and postcode in order to allow them to connect with people living in their local area.

Usage of the app has hugely increased since 2020, as neighbours came together on the app throughout the various lockdowns to provide support to others.

Why should estate agents care about Nextdoor?

The benefit of Nextdoor for estate agents is that it’s so localised. It’s also a platform that is still relatively underutilised by businesses. As a local agency, you can get involved both as an individual – providing value in discussions – or set up a business profile and create groups too.

Setting up a business on Nextdoor

Like Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social platforms, you can set up a business profile for free on Nextdoor and it’s really easy to boot. This allows you to be found by people in your local area who are looking for estate agency services. Perfect.

Your business page displays basic information about your agency and adding your business information on Nextdoor allows neighbours to easily find you when they’re searching for goods, services, or recommendations. With your business page, you can see recommendations for your business by neighbours, advertise local deals and post as long as your business is verified.

Advertising on Nextdoor

Naturally, like most social media apps, Nextdoor also has an advertising option for businesses to promote their services in their local area, or even at a national level.

There are several options for advertising including promoting “local deals” and also being a local sponsor.

Local deals give you the opportunity to promote a specific offer that may be of interest to those in the local area. Local sponsorship is, to some degree, the online equivalent of billboards in your local area. The costs will vary, but with prices from as little as £30 per month – it’s still a very cheap alternative to advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Google. And another for you to test its return on investment.

For estate agents, Nextdoor offers a wealth of ways in which to truly get to the heart of what matters in their local communities. From offering advice to selling services, it’s a great, untapped space that allows them to stay front of mind when locals are looking to make their next move.

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