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Are you one of the 59%? 

Zoopla’s State of the Nation survey has revealed that a quarter of buyers don’t use portals when conducting property searches. 59 per cent of agents use portals as their primary marketing tool, suggesting that the other 41 per cent do not.

The survey – which involved speaking to 6,000 consumers and over 650 agents across the country – found that 53 per cent of the agents surveyed are also set to ‘beef up’ their digital and email marketing.

Email marketing remains the communication method of choice for consumers, with the survey revealing that 47 per cent of those searching for homes to buy or rent set up email alerts via portals.

There has never been a better time to capitalise on exceptional market conditions.

In an increasingly competitive environment, here are six ways that we can help you implement a profitable digital marketing plan.

1. Respond to 100% of your portal enquiries and qualify buyers faster

Our portal lead responder ensures that you can respond to 100% of your Rightmove and Zoopla portal enquiries.

The client requesting property details from you will receive an on-brand response, regardless of the day or time.

These automated communications:

  • Provide them with the requested property details.

  • Prompt them to book a viewing.

  • Ask them if they are looking to sell.

  • Include a property requirements survey to help match clients with the perfect listing.

2. Generate direct property enquiries and make your business less reliant on portals

“BriefYourMarket.com are our largest referrer of website traffic behind Google and contribute around 20% of our overall website traffic.

This – in part – is because we have put different things in place over the last 12 months, like automated property alerts. So, if someone makes an enquiry on a property, they than get sent other properties that are similar, and that’s just going on in the background constantly.”

Using the property feed from your CRM system, all your listed properties are automatically uploaded to BriefYourMarket.com.

Drag-and-drop functionality enables you to quickly create a range of unlimited digital marketing campaigns, including:

  • Hot property campaigns.

  • Electronic property magazines (i.e. E-Zines).

  • Property video promotions and market update campaigns.


If we do not generate you Return on Investment in three months, we’ll give you your money back.

For details, please speak to our property consultants.

What are you waiting for?

3. Identify the property needs of every client

“Our welcome email works really well and gets people to our website.

Anytime anyone signs up, they get a trigger that fires over and they get information about us, whether they want to buy, sell, let, become a landlord, become a tenant; you get all the information in one big package with all of our blog posts and articles.”

With full property campaign reporting from every send, we make it simple for your valuers, negotiators and sales progressors to create simple call lists to follow-up and focus on.

See detailed interaction reports on:

  • Who is viewing your listings.

  • Who had a valuation and went on to instruct you.

  • What service every client requires from you.

4. Stay connected to clients during the research stage to win more business

“I love the monthly marketing campaigns as they provide a brilliant agenda for the month and save time in planning the monthly marketing mix.

The suggestions are insightful and very market-related, so the materials are highly usable.

We’ve seen an increase in appraisals, instructions and viewings as a direct result.”

We make it easier than ever to stay in touch with your database and provide your clients with valuable and topical property information that positions you as the go-to expert.

Activate is a three-month marketing plan that gets your agency up and running with automation.

With access to a free Campaign Library packed full of editable drag-and-drop campaigns, thinking about content marketing is no longer a problem.

Simply drag, drop and send to generate more appraisals and business opportunities.

You can even use the graphics on social media, meaning that you’re getting even more value from your marketing.

5. Automate your customer journey to increase client satisfaction, provide valuable advice and increase your revenue 

“I know I have a section of my website that’s underutilised – and we went to the time and trouble to put 21 area guides up.

From one campaign, we generated eight valuations and one instruction.

People are still going through to the page, so there are new valuation leads to follow-up with.”

We can provide you with a full range of automated campaigns for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

Our fully-editable campaigns work in the background, nurturing your active clients through the various stages of the buying, selling, letting and renting process.

At key points in the journey, we make it simple for you to:

  • Cross-sell your financial services.

  • Upsell your fully-managed services to landlords.

  • Differentiate your brand pre and post-valuation.

  • Generate Google reviews.

6. Remain valuable to clients years after completion 

“We’ve been with BriefYourMarket.com for over four years now. We started off just using monthly newsletters and now we have a whole range of automated triggers set up as well – pre-val, post-val, customer surveys and one-year, two-year, three-year post-completion; just to keep in touch with our database.

I really like the newsletters; it’s an opportunity to communicate in a different way. So, rather just sending properties, we are actually filling them in on the community that we serve as well.”

With a range of drag-and-drop property articles, you can send valuable property updates in minutes to your clients.

To save you even more time, our Communications Managed service can take care of your marketing communications for you.

Stay connected and inform your community about:

  • Market performance.

  • What’s happening in the area.

  • Price changes over time.