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With 21 strategically-positioned offices across the UK, Yorkshire-based estate agents – Dacre, Son & Hartley – have helped 1,000s of homeowners find their perfect home.

When asked about their success with digital marketing, which has resulted in an additional 21 valuations per week, here’s what they had to say about their experience with BriefYourMarket.com…

What were the specific pain points for your agency and what did you want to achieve from BriefYourMarket.com?

As with any business, one of the key pain points is being able to track results and actually analyse the performance of the campaigns that you run. It’s not always easy within marketing to see what income – specifically – has been generated.

With BriefYourMarket.com, it’s been really useful to be able to track the results and follow the lead journey from start to finish, so from the moment we send an E-shot, we can see who’s clicked on it as well as that return on investment in the form of an instruction.

When we’ve sold the property, it just adds that much more value to the work that we’re doing.

Additional valuations per week

Additional website visits in one quarter

Worth of commissionable revenue (£s)

How did you achieve exceptional results using the BriefYourMarket.com system?

In one quarter, you received an additional 260 valuations from BriefYourMarket.com campaigns, which gave you a potential commission value of £650,000.

It isn’t always about the immediate results that we get. Obviously, it’s brilliant being able to track that but if we don’t get an actual direct lead straightaway, it’s just knowing that it will happen, that someone will come back to that email and will click on the online valuation tool, and they will remember your name for future use so it’s never a wasted E-shot.

Do you see the importance of digital marketing?

Definitely, we have a number of competitors and a lot of the business they get – like us – is repeat business.

It’s people who were recommended to us as well, which is brilliant, but I think it’s important to keep increasing the brand awareness that allows the business to grow.

We’ve now opened a couple of franchises and being able to plan digital marketing in the way that we do with you guys has helped us to do that; getting E-shots out there and direct mail.

It’s quite easy to rely on people knowing who you are but it’s about going out there and getting those new customers onboard, which is especially more important in light of the GDPR.

“From start to finish, we can follow the lead journey and track the results with BriefYourMarket.com.

So, from the moment we send an E-shot, we can see who’s clicked on it as well as that Return on Investment in the form of instructions.”

Email campaigns and digital newsletters:

Your team have given us examples of email and newsletter content that works well, and we’ve taken a few ideas from these. For instance, our “hot properties” prove popular as people typically like looking inside different houses, as do our seasonal campaigns like our “spring is in sight” campaign.

We’ve also worked with your team to embed our online valuation tool in the header of our templates, so we’re seeing more clicks from each email.

We always get a good result from every E-shot that we do. Even if it’s not a direct lead initially, it gives us a list of hot contacts to follow up with and provides structure with regards to prioritising work.

Direct mail:

We’ve also done direct mail, with a monthly 20/20 leaflet, promoting to either side of a house that we’ve recently sold. And if we sold it for over the asking price, we’ll pop that on there and we get inbound responses to our Customer Service team.

Driving online valuations with BriefYourMarket.com:

We drive our online valuation tool a lot, with it featuring on the header of every single E-shot that we send, mostly because it’s just a great way to “get your foot in the door”.

If somebody fills in the form and wants to know the value of their property, it allows our Customer Service team to get in touch with them and offer a more accurate valuation.

Assessing our performance with BriefYourMarket.com

It’s good to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when we present the results in the board meetings and we see on paper what we’re getting from BriefYourMarket.com.

A lot of the time, people don’t really think about what’s happening in the background or what might be generating them their instructions, but like you said, it’s just helping to keep that business ticking along.

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