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Recently, serial property investor – Phil Spencer – added his weight to the discussion around agents communicating with their database. Whilst Spencer’s comments are nothing new, they do serve to reinforce how agents looking to grow in 2020 must embrace communication change.

Spencer notes that “agents are ‘consistently being told that they need to get on board with change …[and that]…the biggest aspect of change agents must embrace is communication.”​

Estate Agent Today, 2nd March 2020

Here are five questions that every agent should ask about their current communication strategy: ​

1. Are you engaged with all active clients who are currently in a transaction with you?


You want to provide a seamless way of educating people about the buying, selling, letting and renting process, whilst making sure that every active client is offered access to every financial service you offer from registration to completion.​


We offer bespoke automated customer journeys for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants that include the key information that they need. These communications cross-sell your financial services at the right time to increase revenue.

“Automation is great for our business! It takes a lot of pressure off of everybody else in the business instead of having to do a lot of manual legwork chasing people up, it does it all for you and stops when you pick up that extra business.

I’d recommend putting the time into BriefYourMarket.com, because the time you put into it and the effort you put into setting up those triggers, the more rewards you reap.

It’s well worth it – once you’ve set up that initial amount of time, you’re done other than the odd update, it does what it says.”

2. Are you engaged with your past clients?​


You want a simple way to know when your past clients are ready to move again. You also want highly engaging content-marketing that keeps you connected for years to keep your past clients in your sales funnel.​


BriefYourMarket.com provide a full range of pre-written property campaigns and send plans that makes content marketing simple for agents. From email campaigns to topical articles, agents can simply drag, drop and send. Gain access to detailed interaction reports, see who is ready to move again, and track your valuations through to instructions using the Return on Investment dashboard.

Quality of campaigns: 9/10

Quality of free monthly send plans: 9/10

Save time: Yes

More appraisals: Yes

More instructions: Yes

“I love the monthly marketing campaigns, as they provide a brilliant agenda for the month and save time in planning the monthly marketing mix. The suggestions are insightful and very market-related.”

Margarita, Manager and Sales Progressor

3. Are you automating your review-capture process?


You have really happy clients but you’re not asking – or capturing – reviews at the point when they are most elated with your service.​


BriefYourMarket.com can automate this process for you in every customer journey, directing your clients to third-party review sites to increase organic referrals.

4. Are you offering the full property package, servicing the needs of your clients outside working hours?


You have enquiries coming in via Rightmove and Zoopla that you’re missing or want to qualify better. ​


BriefYourMarket.com provides a Portal Lead Responder, which takes care of 100% of your enquiries. Send follow-up property details automatically, generate more viewings and ask them if they’ve got a property to sell.

5. Are you providing property alerts by email?


You are taking on new listings and are looking for on and off market ways to reduce days on market and quickly progress sales.​


Using the property feed from your CRM platform, all your listed properties are available for you to quickly insert in hot property mailers.

“We have been extremely impressed with all aspects of BriefYourMarket.com, and would highly recommend their services to all agents looking to improve their marketing.

We have an extensive client database and the tools provided by BriefYourMarket.com have helped us vastly increase the quantity and quality of our marketing output, whilst also saving time and money doing so.

We’ve experienced a notable increase in online interaction, and products such as the E-Zine have proved popular with vendor and landlord clients.

BriefYourMarket.com provide a bespoke service which enables both brand promotion and client contact on an unprecedented scale.”