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Over 6 million Brits are now members of a private health and fitness club.

The latest research by Mintel reveals that health and fitness clubs are now one of the fastest-growing leisure segments, with 18% of UK adults currently a member compared to 15% in 2018, and total revenue estimated to have reached nearly £3.4 billion in 2019.
With this in mind, what are you doing to engage new prospects?
And once they’ve signed up, are you doing enough to retain your members?

Benefits of email marketing 

Save money – in comparison to traditional marketing, email is a much more cost-effective way of keeping in touch with your members and prospects throughout their customer journey.

Save time – automation means that emails can be scheduled at the perfect time. Whether it’s an auto-response to a question about your timetable, or a booking confirmation right after a class registration, today’s customers appreciate instant responses and your team will be freed up to focus on other tasks.

Reach clients no matter where or when – as long as people are connected online, they can receive your marketing emails and engage with your brand on various devices, such as: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Target members using personalisation – email marketing allows for greater scope when sending personalised marketing to your members. Everyone wants to receive content that speaks directly to their needs and interests.

From prospects looking to join to existing members wanting to take advantage of your special offers and classes, email marketing enables you to customise your message for every individual on your customer list.

What should you be sending?

Welcome new members with introductory emails, informing them of your opening hours, class timetables and membership policies.

Ask for referrals from loyal customers. You could offer incentives to increase the return you see from your referral marketing. 

Provide regular updates about your facility, changing timetables and any events you may be holding, such as a charity spinathon. 

Follow up at the end of free trials to gather feedback and encourage trial customers to convert into paying members.

Keep in touch after cancellations as these members could be won back when they are ready to get back into fitness. If you aren’t in touch with them, your competitors definitely will be.

Seasonal diet and exercise tips to keep members engaged and showcase your knowledge.

Exclusive deals and discounts to incentivise members and prospects.

Have you started thinking about your March send plan?

Make some waves

There is always something that you can discuss with your members and prospects to drive attendance and brand engagement.

Even if you have no changes or offers to promote, keep a two-way communication channel flowing with your database by showcasing the facilities, classes and fitness expertise you have to offer.

As swimming is an exercise expected to gain in popularity in 2020 – due to its versatility and suitability for all ages – this campaign focuses on the benefits of taking a dip for physical fitness as well as for your members’ mental well-being.

This email example gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your swimming pool and water-based fitness options, such as lane swimming, classes, aqua-aerobics and even water polo.

Encourage click-throughs to your website by inserting call-to-action buttons that link to your timetable or facilities page.

You could even provide recommended activities or tips that will improve a swimmer’s activity and results.

Spring clean your fitness routine

With spring officially here on the 20th March, encourage your members to spring clean their fitness routine with this seasonal campaign.

By now, many members may be starting to feel a little demotivated or bored, with their New Year’s resolutions long forgotten.

So, send a communication like this one to remind them to switch up their routine.

The lifespan of a fitness fad is one week, on average.

Your members need a space that offers them diversity, so that they can consistently gain results whilst mixing up their workout.

This email will improve your retention rates by reminding clients of your full proposition.

Each month, we provide our leisure customers with an inspirational send plan that they can adapt to suit their business and send to their members. For more information, book a free, no-obligation consultation.

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