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Technology continues to dismantle the established infrastructure of traditional brokering. So, how are you evolving your business to meet your customers’ ever-changing expectations and maintain your competitive relevance in a saturated market?
Brands are becoming increasingly attuned to the wants of the on-demand consumer; those that want their needs met via immediate access to – and convenient provisioning of – goods and services.
Across all industries, there is a growing appreciation of the relationship between meeting these demands and streamlining customer experience.
The need for brokers and their expertise remains strong.
However, within an age of consumer empowerment and disruption, the key to acquiring, converting, engaging, and retaining customers resides in the way that brokers make their prospects and customers aware of their services, and how easily accessible their services are.


Start their search for a new product or service online

Hours spent online per month by the average consumer


Purchase from brands they follow on social media

Is your brokerage progressive?
The customer journey is no longer a linear path to purchase, with as many as 95% of UK consumers now adopting a multi-channel approach to buying.
Progressive brokers – the early adopters of effective digital strategies and nurture-marketing solutions – have acknowledged that technology offers them a solution to protecting and defending their existing database and core business from disruption.
Contemporary brokers should seriously consider the implications of a failure to implement certain technological essentials that are readily available to them – those that the on-demand consumer naturally now expects of a business – as they could be in serious danger of falling by the wayside in the future.
Multi-channel marketing for brokers
Integrated with the industry’s leading software providers, such as: Acturis, SSP and Open GI, our all-in-one, multi-channel marketing platform provides brokers with everything they need to grow their business, maximise the value from their data and generate exceptional ROI from their marketing budget.

– Target prospects via cost-effective online and offline channels.
– Demonstrate your expertise.
– Influence your consumers’ buying decisions, helping them to find the right cover.
– Boost customer loyalty and brand recall.
– Cross and upsell your policies at exactly the right time.
– Offer ongoing value to your database and core business.
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