Enter BriefYourMarket
In 1967, The Bateman Group began offering “independent financial advice and insurance services” to individuals and businesses across the UK.
Five decades later, and their pursuit of “continued development and innovation” has distinguished them as “one of the most respected regional firms in the country”, whilst leading them to the implementation of a sound digital marketing strategy with BriefYourMarket.com.
With the help of our Communications Managed service, The Bateman Group have enhanced their customer journey, ensuring that they always meet their clients’ brand expectations and continue to develop as a business.
Here’s what they had to say about BriefYourMarket.com…
Thanks to BriefYourMarket.com, we’re now getting more clients involved in our brand; interacting with our email campaigns, visiting our website and also coming to us direct from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I would definitely recommend their services and what they can do to help boost your company image.
Our Customer Success Manager – Olivia Bullimore – really understands what our business needs, and the system areas where we can use helpful tools to gain interest from our clients and push things forward.
Chris Keenan – who’s taken over our Communications Managed account – has done a fantastic job developing new media and content for us, and has been really creative developing our designs and Instagram account. We’re aiming to have the largest follower base for any insurance broker in the UK.
The way that our designs have been improved shows an understanding and adherence to our brand and target market, which has enabled us to strengthen our position in the broking market and stand out from our competitors.
James Moore | Commercial Account Executive
What is Communications Managed?

In Communications Managed, we dedicate all of our time to putting together the most compelling content and email campaigns possible; ranging from market analysis articles to Instagram hashtags. This constant immersion in the marketplace allows us to keep up-to-date with what is happening across a multitude of industries, and therefore provide top-quality marketing to our customers. Just think of us as the extra person in your team!

Chris Keenan Personal Content Executive