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Academy Days

Why attend an Academy Day?

Hosted by our Customer Relationship Managers – Paul Adams, Jack Trigg and Tom Levitt – and with over 30 years’ of industry experience, these sessions will provide you with marketing training, insight and support using our BriefYourMarket.com platform.

Whilst our Q2 Academy Day series has now come to an end, we’ll be releasing new dates and locations soon.

To find out what you might have missed – like our latest system updates and developments, our newly-released automated journeys for agents, and nurture marketing guidance – contact our Customer Success team.

“I am now much more aware of the extent of marketing BriefYourMarket.com offers.”

“We now have more ideas and are more enthusiastic about our platform.”

“The session was well presented, they were confident with knowledge, friendly and helpful. It gave us more ideas on how to use the system.”

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