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As an estate agency, whether you know it or not, your potential vendors are always in some stage of the marketing funnel.  

While marketers may use several different ways of explaining what the funnel looks like but, in essence, it’s the way in which customers are filtered from being simply aware of your agency, down to instruction.  

We look at how the marketing funnel really looks for estate agents.  

Top of Funnel (Awareness)  

For estate agency, the top of the marketing funnel is all about building awareness of your business and your brand in the areas which you serve.  

This is the longer-term marketing work that needs to take place on an ongoing basis so that, when it comes to an individual deciding to move home, they know to come to you.  

Building top of funnel awareness can consist of a wide range of activities. From sponsoring a local sports team, to posting in local Facebook groups, this is how you “get your name out there”.  

It’s vital for estate agents to not overlook this stage. While it’s tempting to always be looking at immediate lead generation activities, the businesses that last longest are those who keep the top of funnel in mind when planning marketing activities.  


Middle of funnel (Interest) 

Think of this as the “consideration stage”. A potential vendor knows that they are looking to move, and now are in the process of selecting an agency.  

In general, sellers will usually select around three to four agents to get in touch with, which is why your top of funnel activity is so important. Now in the middle of the funnel, it’s time to really show them why they should choose your business over the competition.  

Middle of funnel activity often focuses on marketing materials around the valuation process – such as online valuation checkers, website copy and of course your valuation teams skills and knowledge.  

Building out a great content strategy to move potential buyers from the middle of the funnel through to the bottom can really help to increase your conversion rate.  


Bottom of funnel (Action)  

The bottom of funnel is the stage at which a person makes their decision. From an instruction perspective this is where they choose your agency.  

Creating a fantastic experience around your valuation and follow up process is key to winning more instructions from your valuations.  

Estate agents that do well are those who can provide lots of added value to their potential sellers. From great materials at valuation to a personalised follow up email campaign.  


How Brief Your Market can help  

Brief Your Market offers a total top to bottom of funnel solution for your content marketing. Our email marketing helps you to increase awareness at the top of funnel and build out strategies to take a potential client all the way through to instruction.  

We help you to identity opportunities within your existing database and ensure that you are sending the right message at the right stage of the marketing funnel, helping you to win more instructions.  


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