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With so many social media platforms to contend with, it’s not so surprising that many estate agents tend to gloss over LinkedIn, instead focusing on the more ‘traditional’ channels of Facebook and Instagram.

However, LinkedIn hosts a whole range of features that are perfect for estate agents to leverage not offered by other platforms. And more people are using it than ever before. In Q1 of 2021, LinkedIn revenue increased by over 23% year on year, and in the last quarter of 2020, the platform saw an astonishing 50% uplift in content posted on the platform.

Here’s how you can make the most of LinkedIn:

Personal account vs business page

While having a business account on LinkedIn really is a must have, the truth is that people buy into people, so making sure that your agency is making the most of personal accounts is key to a successful LinkedIn strategy.  

If you’re the owner or director of an estate agent, making sure that your personal profile is visible to your target audience will help you to be seen by potential vendors, investors and even property developers.

Ensure that your profile explains exactly who you are and what you offer. Consider your banner – is it clear and clean? Using keywords in your bio will help you to be found by the right audience.

LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is consistently introducing new features, and many of them are particularly beneficial for estate agents.

LinkedIn Articles

You may already be familiar with the benefits of blogging for your estate agency, but using LinkedIn articles can be a fantastic way to share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. The LinkedIn algorithm will show your article to specific users in your network, so make sure your content is relevant. What’s more, as long as the article is public, it can show beyond your direct connections to a wider target audience who’ve expressed an interest in the topic.

LinkedIn Stories

A recent introduction to LinkedIn, Stories work in the same way they do on Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn Stories allow you to promote short snippets of content which will remain on the feed for 24 hours.

Stories can be promoted from a personal account, or a page, and can be a brilliant way for agents to show snippets of their day. From quickly showing a property, to talking about your experience, they are a great way to share quick-fire content.

Additionally, as they are still fairly new, it’s likely that LinkedIn will “push” this content for a while, making it more likely to show up on the feeds of your connections and followers.

LinkedIn Live

While you will need to get approval to use LinkedIn Live, it’s a great tool to connect directly with your audience in real time. You can stream live content, answer questions directly, and truly connect with those who are watching.

A further benefit of LinkedIn Live is the additional visibility it can offer. When someone goes live, push notifications are sent to the devices of their followers, so it can be an ideal way to make sure your content is being seen.

We hope this helps you to generate more leads from LinkedIn. As usual, if you would like us to handle all your social media for you, as well as email campaigns and print too, get in touch below.

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