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When it comes to marketing your estate agency, blog or article content can be a vital element that allows you to stand out from your competitors, show your expertise and WIN NEW INSTRUCTIONS.

Your blog is the one area of your website that allows you to show your company personality and truly prove your knowledge of your area, the property market, and customer needs.

Writing well crafted, valuable content that appeals to your prospective customers offers a wealth of benefits. A single blog post can provide you with a suite of content that can be repurposed across various platforms and in many ways.

We explore why blogging for your estate agency should form a significant pillar of your estate agency marketing strategy:


Appear before your competitors on Google

One of the biggest benefits of creating blog content is the boost it provides your website when Google decides which webpages should appear first for certain search terms. ‘Search terms’ are the phrases that your potential audience type into Google such as ‘estate agents in Derbyshire’. One of Google’s main indicators that your website is relevant for that particular search is that the phrase appears on your webpages, but it’s often difficult to weave them into your main pages. Blogging allows you to rank higher than your competitors for these searches and without compromising other pages of your website.


Make posting on social media easier

Writing a single, well-crafted blog piece can provide you with a breadth of content for social media, too. For example, if you create an article that includes tips, each tip can then be turned into its own social post. You then might want to thread them together to create more exciting content such as videos or stories.

You can also repurpose your blog for LinkedIn – using their native article platform to recreate what you have written but from a slightly different angle. Or consider making slides of some of the main points and using LinkedIn’s slide share features.


Ensure you are the go-to agency in your area

Creating blog content provides you with a real opportunity to show that you are the local expert. Whether it’s talking about specific issues or showing you understand what’s going on in the market, blogging builds trust so you are the obvious choice when prospects decide to sell.


Providing real value to your prospects is the key to more instructions

Blogging is one way for you to provide something of real value to your audience to better guarantee they open, read and RESPOND to your email campaigns. Whether that’s creating a monthly newsletter that keeps prospects up to date on what’s happening in their area or sending property market updates that showcase your expertise. Trial adding blog content into your emails directly or encourage recipients to visit the blog on your website. Keep your agency front of mind and prompt new instructions.


Let BriefYourMarket do the hard work for you

If promoting your blogs via emails, social media, even SMS and print campaigns seems time-consuming, we can help. Our Communications Managed service provides you with a digital plan that suits your business requirements and sends campaigns on your behalf. Let us take the stress out of managing your content so you can focus on progressing sales.

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