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The last 18 months have been successful for many estate agents. But back in 2019, a study undertaken by D.J Alexander found that almost ten estate agents per week go bust. Analysing official data, they found that 371 businesses involved in real estate activities had entered formal insolvency proceedings.

The reality for many, is that, while it’s easy to make hay while the sun shines – taking your eye off the ball when it comes to the long term puts your agency at serious risk when the market slows, or costs rise unexpectedly.

So, how can you future proof your estate agency?

Marketing isn’t just for the bad times

One of the biggest mistakes that many agency owners make is to choose only to make a marketing push when times are quiet. And it’s a Catch-22 situation. When the profits are rolling in – there’s money to invest in activities. When it’s not, you’re stuck trying to make the most of what you have.

However, what many fail to appreciate is that the activity you undertake now, is what will secure your business in the future.

For example, a single email sent out to warm potential customers may instantly result in valuations. However, a series of emails sent out to your existing database can help to establish a connection that will keep leads flowing in for the next 12 months.

By considering each marketing activity you undertake as long-term investment in the growth of your agency you help to ensure it’s safe well into the future.

Word of mouth still a big factor

Consumers trust peer-to-peer recommendations over all other forms of “social proof”. What this means in practice, is that a potential customer is more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend, family member of contemporary over things like reviews, testimonials of your website literature.

However, in an increasingly digital age, peer recommendation is also changing. How often have you seen a post in a Facebook group or on Next Door asking for a recommendation? Fairly often.

By keeping your marketing efforts consistent you stay in the minds not only of your potential clients, but also in those who would recommend you as an agency to others.

Steps you can take now to get your future marketing in order

It’s understandable that marketing materials and strategy often get pushed to one side.  When things are busy it’s all hands on deck servicing your sales and undertaking marketing activities can easily get pushed down the “to do” list.

BriefYourMarket provides a range of services to help you to keep your messaging consistent, a steady flow of content being pushed out, and all without the hassle of doing it yourself.

From easy, cost effective email marketing for estate agents, to our fully managed marketing service, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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