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This year has provided the property market with plenty of ups and downs, and now – with England back under lockdown – it looks like we’re going to be required to rise to the challenge once again as an industry.

To sustain business activity and support homeowners and movers, it became imperative for agents to be reactive to an ever-changing pandemic environment.

Meaning that agents who had little to no experience with online marketing soon found themselves facing a very uncertain period, with more and more of us relying on digital communications to keep ourselves informed and our businesses operating.

At BriefYourMarket.com, communication is critical to us.

So when we heard that the property market would remain open over lockdown, we started work preparing all the campaigns you will need to inform your clients, rebuild their trust in the market and position yourself for a successful autumn and winter.

How are you continuing ‘business as usual’?

House moves can proceed as long as COVID-19 protocols are followed, such as with the use of social distancing measures, face coverings and only allowing two households within a property.

Communicating your precautionary measures to your database is of key importance to keep people moving and taking advantage of limited stamp duty savings.

This November, we’ve released nine drag-and-drop campaigns to help agents achieve that. Contact us to learn more.


Number of active buyers in the market is 66% higher than this time last year


Property prices have risen by 21% in the last month


More homes progressing through to completion than this time last year

With the UK housing market able to operate during the second lockdown, it’s important to make this clear to your database.

To support agents in this, we’ve prepared nine campaigns for our November send plan.

These communications look to encapsulate elements of the government’s guidelines, whilst promoting your virtual services, viewings and valuations. 

COVID-19 autumn update

Inform your database that you are open during England’s latest lockdown; with virtual appointments available, where possible.

Share key guidance on how the housing market will operate over the next four weeks.

Promote the fact that many are still buying, selling, letting and renting at this time, making it an unmissable month for market activity.

Bonfire Night

Using an interactive GIF, this show-stopping campaign will help you to cultivate brand engagement and likeability this firework season.

Drive website traffic to your sales and lettings listings.

Reinforce the benefits of your virtual viewings and remote service practices.


November Property Trivia

As a topical message, this communication is a great option to generate brand awareness and will stand out in your recipients’ inbox.

The quiz style layout is socially relevant and positions your agency as an information source, which will resonate well with your database.

This campaign will also remind clients of potential stamp duty savings, along with the ever-nearing deadline. This will result in additional enquiries from your leads. 

Rememberance Day

Show your respect on Remembrance Sunday with this simple campaign.

As this year’s events are practically unrecognisable, help your customers by telling them what’s changed and how they can honour this important and historic date. 

Rightmove round-up

Communicate record-breaking statistics with your customers, including a range of figures that really speak for themselves about current market conditions.

This campaign focuses on three key market areas to encourage sellers to consider instructing you.

The links within the email will direct your clients to your website, creating more instruction opportunities, as well as brand awareness.


Stamp duty savings

This campaign’s purpose is to offer your database information about taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday before it’s too late.

The time-sensitive nature of the communication will prompt clients to request an up-to-date appraisal there and then, if they’re interested in moving in the near future. 

Black Friday 2020

Create your own Black Friday offering this month to generate more leads and attention from interested buyers, sellers and landlords.

For maximum results, make your Black Friday promotion time-sensitive. 

10 top reasons for November

Demonstrate to your database just how well the market is currently performing. 

This email offers clear, relevant market information to your database, which will in turn prompt more market appraisals this month.


Helping you move safely

This campaign informs your database about your in-house COVID-19 policies.

By sending this email, you will encourage your clients to remain confident about current market conditions and about your abilities as an agent, in general.

Provide them with clarity and reassurance so they ultimately don’t waste the opportunity presented by strong demand and stamp duty savings.



The next step for your COVID-19 strategy

All of these campaigns are now available for our agents to drag, drop and send from your Campaign Library. To request help implementing them, please contact our Customer Success team.

Alternatively, for more information from one of our marketing consultants, please click below.

For further guidance on how you should proceed as a business, we would recommend referring to information from the World Health Organisation, as well as GOV.UK’s update for agents.