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Valuations are a core activity in any estate agency business. But what if you’re finding that you are spending considerable time undertaking valuations but not necessarily winning the instructions?

To be successful, it’s vital that when you are undertaking market appraisals for potential vendors, you have a robust system in place to ensure that you are not frittering away the opportunity. While it is important to pre-qualify potential leads to ensure that they are ready to sell, often it’s the post-valuation process that lets agencies down.

If you have low conversion rates from your market appraisals, it’s worth considering what steps you can take to ensure that vendors ultimately choose to instruct your agency.

Compete on your value – not price

As the market becomes awash with online agents who can offer incredibly cheap fees, many agency owners feel that they are not winning instructions based on price.

This is rarely the case.

The reality is that vendors are happy to pay for the level of service they expect to receive. And their impression is formed long before a member of your team steps foot in their property.

So, how can you ensure that you are perceived as being of exceptional quality?

First impressions count – from the moment a potential client visits your website or walks past your office they will get a feel for where you sit within the market.

By providing a good first impression you start to ready the seller to expect a premium service, which can be matched with a premium price. By positioning yourself as an expert in your location, and your industry you can subtly build a great reputation before the vendor is even looking to sell.

So, consider both your online and offline presence. Does your social media show your team and your skills – or is it just a list of properties? Does your website copy fully reflect the breadth of services you offer? Remember, first impressions count.

Stay at top of mind

While many sellers are motivated to get going straight away, it is often the case that the valuation is really what cements a potential vendor’s decision to go ahead and put their property in the market.

This is an excellent window of opportunity to continue to engage with your potential vendors by showing them great content.

Creating considered email campaigns for post valuation is what sets a good agency apart. It’s about more than just a simple follow up. This is a time when you can add more value and really show your expertise.

The Power of a positive message and your brand

Offering a superior customer journey post valuation will help you to stay on top of mind with your potential client. Even if, for whatever reason, the client chooses not to instruct you – by giving a great customer experience and showing a professional face through your emails, social media channels and web content, they will remember the positive experience.

This means that, if they don’t sell via their chosen agency, they may come back if they do not have a good experience elsewhere. It will also make them more likely to recommend you to friends, family and even on social media groups.

At BriefYourMarket we can help you produce tailored post valuation campaigns to help you to turn valuations into instructions. We send quality campaigns across email, SMS, and direct mail to help you convert more valuations and ultimately grow your business.



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