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Whether they’re in need of more space or relocating for work, you will always find customers who require your services. Connecting with them, however, isn’t always as easy; particularly for agents who are unsure what tools are most effective for their target market.

And, on the homeowner’s side, there’s always the chance that they’ve been blown away by the wrong part of an agent’s service – the fees.

When a seller goes with the agent offering the highest valuation price at the lowest fees, it’s more than likely they’ll actually spend more time, money and heartache on their property sale.

The latest from HomeOwners Alliance – shown below – tells us that timing is everything.

How long a property takes to sell could make – or lose – a client thousands from their home’s value…

BuildYourMarket connects you with these secondary instructions.

From their first four hours on the market to their 2nd, 3rd or 4th month spent waiting for a buyer, your BuildYourMarket dashboard gives you total transparency in your local area.

Meaning that when you’ve identified someone who isn’t selling, you can reach out to them at optimal moments in their journey to move things along for them.

Percentage of asking price achieved for properties sold at…

Source: HomeOwners Alliance

Advanced data view for fallen-through sales and withdrawn properties

Updated every 24 hours, BuildYourMarket presents you with every opportunity first.

See each listing against the date it withdrew from the market or fell through, and filter by how many days since that activity occurred to create and send targeted campaigns.

Learn everything you can about a vendor’s time on the market and put that into your letters, direct mail campaigns, emails or SMS messages to get them moving faster.

To see how it works, click on the link for your consultation.

What it means to offer a truly premium experience…

Any great agent knows that estate agency doesn’t start and end with simply selling properties, it’s about those key moments with a customer.

Ahead of a property viewing, two-thirds of Brits will have no idea what they should be asking.

How are you servicing your clients to the best of your ability?

Your customers do not have your level of insight into the market. They don’t know what to look out for and they certainly don’t know enough to make these important, often life-changing decisions by themselves.

Granted, they’ll ask some serious questions on a viewing, but amongst these responses are such gems as: ‘are pets included in the sale?’

There’s a need for your business to communicate its value-adding advice to your database. For example, have they thought about:

  • How the asking price was determined?
  • How it has performed on the market?
  • Exactly what is included in the sale?

Likewise, your sellers will need to weigh up the service they are getting compared to the costs.

No matter how attractive a higher valuation figure might be, if it takes months to move, it’s safe to assume they won’t achieve the asking price they’re hoping for.

Nurture marketing with BriefYourMarket.com

Encouraging homeowners to ask the right questions when viewing a property or instructing an agent triggers a more thorough approach to the ‘need identification’ stage within the buying and selling process.

I.e. by making them see the gaps that other agents aren’t servicing, you can set out what differentiates your agency to win their business.

Each month, we prepare professional drag-and-drop send plans that save agents time.

On-brand and on-topic, these communications provide you with the content to maximise Return on Investment from your database.

For our April send plan, watch the video below or book a consultation to find out more.