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Birmingham based estate agent, Humberstones Homes, shared with us how valuable BriefYourMarket.com has been to their business and marketing strategy.

“Over the past ten years, we have grown from a small independent agency – who only did sales – into a two-branch sales and letting agency. This has been done with no bank borrowing whatsoever, so we’ve had to be ahead of the competition when it comes to marketing ideas and technology.

We recently undertook a campaign linked to our online valuation tool that reached thousands of clients.

Over 235 clients interacted with the tool, which we have since followed up and gained a number of instructions from.

I honestly believe these instructions wouldn’t have been ours without this campaign and getting our name back in front of historic clients.

Arguably, our biggest success has been to use BriefYourMarket.com’s Communications Managed service to reach out to past and present clients in an impactive, different and fun manner.”

“We would recommend any estate agent – large or small – to try BriefYourMarket.com.”

Communications Managed

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