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Is the run up to Christmas a quiet period for your agency? Vendors feeling unmotivated? Valuations gone quiet? If so, here’s how you can motivate your sellers to get ready before Christmas. 

The run up to Christmas is often a quiet time for all types of businesses and estate agents are no exception. With all eyes on the holidays, it’s natural for things to slow down. Anyone thinking of selling their house, tends to do so, in the new year. However, the truth is that now is an ideal time for your potential customers to get ready for the post-Christmas rush. If your sellers want to get the best deal possible, they could really do with getting on the market now ahead of the holiday season. Here are a few arguments to get them ready. 

Get ready for Boxing Day Rush  

If the pre-Christmas period is slow, then things change quickly come Boxing Day. According to Rightmove, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Last year there were 51 million visits to Rightmove between Boxing Day and the first day of the year. In total visits were up by 54% on the previous year – an indication perhaps, that the pandemic had prompted some people to start seriously thinking about moving to pastures new.  

This is the start of the 2022 buying season, with people flooding onto the web to search for their next home. By getting a property on the market now, your buyers will be in pole position when the rush happens.  

New Year – New Start  

If your vendors get a sale agreed on their house early before the start of the new year, they will be in a great position when it comes to choosing their next home. This will help them to become what’s known as a ‘power buyer’ – someone who already has their home sold, subject to a few conditions and is in a position to get the process moving quickly.  By making this clear to your vendors you can get them on the books faster.  

So hot has been the market recently that buyers face stiff competition, especially for the best houses. If sellers know your client is in a position to move on, they’ll be a little more motivated to sell. 

Get the prep done 

Be sure to let your potential sellers know that starting the process now doesn’t mean that they are about to sell. It just means that they are getting things ready. It’s the perfect time to instruct you, get their photos done and the property on the market,  

They don’t necessarily have to get people in straight away – you could schedule viewings for early January – this gives buyers enough time to finish off the Quality Street, digest that turkey and get the house clean and ready. You might also generate a bit of a buzz in the meantime.  

Christmas then, needn’t be a write off. Although it’s quiet, people who do the groundwork to sell now, can find themselves in a much better position when the time finally comes. You can use one of the quietest times of the year, to get your sellers ready for one of the busiest.  

How we help you craft your message 

As experts in the property Market, BriefYourMarket, can help you communicate with your buyers, to outline the advantages of getting ready now and showing them how you can help. We can remove some of the uncertainty involved and point you and your buyers in the right direction.  


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