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The Property Industry Eye reports that an internal email sent by Purplebricks CEO – Vic Darvey – spells out the ‘changes’ in how Purplebricks will focus its attention on “giving their customers the best possible customer service” and “growing the company to 10% market share” moving forward.

From “Commisery” to customer service

Purplebricks’ business model is in transition.
In 2019, they focused on pushing the “Commisery” campaign, which started way back in December 2016; playing on the “misery a person feels when they have paid significant commission and have got nothing more for it”.
There will be much more of a focus on end-to-end customer journeys moving forward, with a greater demonstration of social proof of their offering, which – like it or not – agents will have to compete with.
No doubt, it will only lead to more headlines that agents – and more importantly – the general house-selling public at large will be indifferent or attracted to.

“Purplebricks wins award for second year running over five-star customer ratings.”

Property Industry Eye, 28 January 2020.
Growing your market share means getting your brand in front of clients and proving your own value proposition.
Whatever personal opinions you might have about headlines like the one above, agents that remain objective about rising to the challenge of demonstrating their own value stand a greater chance of competing with the £26.7 million spent on marketing and brand awareness campaigns in the UK alone by Purplebricks.

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We selected five of our agents to illustrate how the value of data aligns with core business strategy.
Figures are based upon a £2,500 sales fee and relate to an analysis of Q2 2019 data.

1,695 additional valuations generated
“The amount of additional valuations it is generating that are then converting to instructions and – in due course – exchanges, is really surprising. We couldn’t be without it, it’s as simple as that.”
Market leader
25+ branches
96,857 contacts
9 branches
20,760 contacts
3 branches
10,500 contacts
Rising star
Single branch
8,159 contacts
New joiner
Single branch
2,258 contacts
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