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When you are running an estate agency business, it is easy to get bogged down in today’s tasks rather than focusing on long term growth.

While keeping valuations and sales flowing right now is what “keeps the lights’ on, neglecting to consider future growth is a mistake that can cost dearly if the property market hits a down period.

However, the truth is, one of the biggest benefits you can add to your agency is growing your brand awareness so that when it comes to homeowners choosing to sell, you’re top of mind and one of the first ports of call for them to list their home.


Be the first choice

When choosing any type of service provider, most individuals will create an initial shortlist of businesses that they wish to contact. Most often this will be based on calling to mind brands of which they are already aware. So, if you’re not known by potential sellers in your local area, you are already on the back foot when it comes to winning instructions.

While these days it’s usual for vendors to look for estate agents online, they are most likely to go with a name they are familiar with in the first instance.


Keep a local presence

Traditionally estate agencies would keep in the front of local minds by having a high street presence and ensuring that wherever possible they have outdoor media and boards.

However, the world is changing and now a local presence often means keeping a visible online profile. From social media to map listings, increasingly being at the top of Google is more relevant than being in the high street. This is particularly relevant for the more hybrid agencies who are opening in locations without a shopfront.


Recommendations and reviews matter

Peer to peer recommendations are often a key factor for vendors when it comes to shortlisting an estate agent. Where homeowners would have previously asked friends and family, increasingly they are opening these questions to a wider audience, asking on local Facebook groups, Nextdoor or even large forums such as Mumsnet.

In addition, nine out of ten consumers will check online reviews before committing to a provider.

This means that your prior customers matter more than ever before, so ensure that you have appropriate systems set up to garner reviews from happy customers and make it as easy as possible for them to leave reviews for your business.


Keep your brand consistent

Being “brand famous” is a key advantage in being the first port of call when someone wants to sell or let their property. While not every agency is going to be the estate agent equivalent of coca cola – keeping your communications consistent across all media will help your potential customers remember you.

So, think about how your email communications, signage, social media pages and website all work together to maintain your visibility.



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