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Media consumption has reached new heights since the outbreak, with 80% of Brits turning to online video content as a source of information and entertainment.

This is a trend that The Global Web Index expects to have “staying power” in the long-term.

Are you leveraging your video content to maximise marketing exposure for your properties, services and support?

According to sentiment polls from our Protection & Planning webinar series, 61% of agents made fundamental changes to their business over lockdown.

This means that virtual valuations, video viewings and remote property inspections are now being widely adopted by the industry and its consumers; who may come to expect these features as part of the standard offering in the future.

When asked whether they could see these virtual services forming part of the ‘new norm’, 65% of agents answered yes, 23% weren’t sure and 12% voted no.

Regardless of whether it’s only a temporary quick-fix or a permanent movement, consumer behaviour has shifted to online channels; putting businesses that can accommodate their clients’ on-demand needs at a significant advantage.

To help align our agents to the demands of their customers and the current climate, we’ve introduced a new video module feature; focused on communicating your video messages to your entire database.

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  • Of Gen Z consumers (aged 16-23) are consuming more videos online 51% 51%
  • Of Millennials (aged 24-37) 44% 44%
  • Of Gen X consumers (aged 38-56) 35% 35%
  • Of Boomers (aged 57-64) 11% 11%

“BYM’s video module, it’s a really powerful tool…”

“We’ve been using the new BriefYourMarket.com video module, it’s proved to be an amazing tool for us. During lockdown – as I’m sure we’re all aware – video has become a massive part of our day-to-day lives.

Whilst it’s great to get video messages out across social media, obviously a large part of our target audience isn’t necessarily on Facebook and so on, so we’re not always able to get our message straight across to them.

Utilising the new video tool is enabling us to get our video message out directly to the whole of our database.

It’s a really powerful tool, we really appreciate BriefYourMarket.com bringing it out for us and everything you do in your Communications Managed team.”

Protection & Planning series for agents

In association with Yomdel, our Protection & Planning series offers estate and lettings agents free content; dedicated to preparing their team and business for a post-lockdown recovery.

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