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Whilst the housing market reopened just last week in England, we’re far from returning to ‘business as usual’.

Over lockdown, we’ve seen significant peaks in activity, mostly – and unsurprisingly, given the circumstances – for the worst.

Fallen-through sales and property withdrawals reached new heights across March and April, whereas new listings were few and far between; bottoming out from the 1st to the 17th of April, as data from our on-market software – BuildYourMarket – would suggest.

Now, with the market reopening and enquiry levels increasing, we’re starting to see early signs of recovery for agents in sight.

How are you planning to resume activity?

With the government stressing the need for video and virtual processes to be incorporated into the home-moving journey, every estate and lettings agent needs to consider their approach to this next phase of the pandemic.

Communicating your precautionary measures to your database is of key importance to get people moving again – safely.

The majority of the population (77%) intend to remain ‘cautious’, even long after lockdown has been lifted.

So, rolling out the right communication strategy and implementing those fundamental business changes will have a determining factor on your agency’s ability to rebuild and grow its sales pipeline.


Say the shift to online has exposed gaps in the customer experience


Of businesses have learned things about the customer journey that they'll use after the outbreak


Of consumers will remain cautious after lockdown lifts, with 13% set on remaining in lockdown

Source: Marketing Week

With the UK housing market eased out of lockdown on the 13th May, estate and letting agencies can now begin the gradual transition back to business and responsibly resume market activity.

To support agents in this, we’ve prepared nine campaigns for our May send plan.

These communications look to encapsulate elements of the government’s guidelines, with a preference for video viewings and virtual services, whilst emphasising those added steps your business will be taking to minimise risk in-person.

Property market released from lockdown

Inform your customers of your return to the office, including any amendments to your standard service or opening hours.

If your team are planning to continue working remotely, use this message as a way of introducing those live chat and alternative customer touch-points.

  • Demonstrate your agency’s value as a source of market information.
  • Provide commentary on the £82 billion worth of transactions currently on hold.
  • By reinforcing your safe and considered approach to reopening, gauge interest from your database on those who are serious about selling this summer.

Video viewings now available

Show your compliance to government guidelines; that being, to prioritise video viewings and virtual services over physical appointments.

Give buyers and sellers the opportunity to see what’s on the market via video.

Explain what serious sellers can do to ensure safe, speedy sales.

It’s back to business

Outline how the selling process has changed in response to the pandemic and lockdown lift for the property market.

Appeal to potential buyers and sellers with your responsible measures, identifying a pipeline of leads for future instructions.

We’re ready when you are

Use bold visuals or videos to highlight your agency’s precautionary measures with regards to COVID-19 – i.e. virtual valuations and video viewings.

Start picking up expressions of interest from interested buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

Virtual valuations, a campaign for sellers

Virtual valuations will become a key USP for agents in 2020. This campaign showcases that USP for your business.

Identify homeowners who are ready to sell.

Reconnect with your pre-lockdown sales leads by offering updated appraisals.

Fundamental changes to our lettings processes

Connect with let-only landlords or those who self-manage.

Although the market has reopened, the government restrictions will only add to a landlord’s responsibilities.

This campaign offers to shoulder the burden and draws attention to your fully-managed services.

Tenant Income Protection

Offer your support to tenants who may have experienced a change in employment or financial circumstances.

Cross-sell insurance – with a particular focus on Tenant Income Protection.

Introduce video viewings and remote inspections for their property needs.

What can we do for you?

Cross-sell your financial services and put yourself front of mind with your historic completions.

Suggest what value homeowners stand to gain by booking an appointment with a recommended mortgage advisor.

Part two of your COVID-19 response strategy

All of these campaigns are now available for our agents to drag, drop and send from your Campaign Library. To request help implementing them, please contact our Customer Success team.

Alternatively, for more information from one of our marketing consultants, please click below.

For further guidance on how you should proceed as a business, we would recommend referring to information from the World Health Organisation, as well as GOV.UK’s update for agents.