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You already know that email marketing can work wonders for your estate agency. In fact, research shows that email marketing has an average ROI of 4400%.

But not all campaigns are created equal.

Throwing content out into the ether without a clear understanding of your audience and a plan is unlikely to get you the results which you are hoping for.

Therefore, it’s key that you consider where your existing and potential customers are in their journey in working with your business, and what you offer which is of value to them.

However, there are some email campaign types that are always beneficial – whether you are speaking to potential vendor, existing landlord, or a customer who made a sales enquiry.

We look at three campaign types that can really make your email marketing work harder for your agency.


Welcome emails

It’s likely that you put a huge amount of effort into your website copy. But in many cases, your potential client has barely skimmed the surface of your site. Therefore, your written communications are likely to be what provides them with their first impression.

Creating a “welcome email” gives you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently deliver a message about who you are, your services and how you can help.

This isn’t the place to deliver your hard sell – but an ideal way to introduce your agency, your team and let your potential customers know more about you.

This is also your opportunity to “warm up” a potential lead, to ensure that they open more emails from you in the future. In fact, it’s been shown that subscribers who ready at least one welcome email read 40% more content from the sender over the next 180 days.


Newsletters provide you with a perfect platform to differentiate yourself from your competition, display your culture and show your expertise. 

Forget sending long sales listings here – this is about creating content that people really want to read. Have you sold a home super quickly? Tell your audience. Is there an interesting local news story going on? Put forth your opinion?

The art of creating newsletters that people want to open is to always provide something that is of value for your subscribers. Whether it’s a great piece of local insight, or simply an entertaining story – consider your newsletter a place where you can show your company’s personality and professional values.

Lead nurture emails

The fact is that not every enquiry is going to turn into an instruction or a sale straight away.

Understand the steps that a potential vendor might take before choosing their agent, and the objections you may face along the way is the key to the success of your lead nurturing campaigns.

Generally seen as collection of emails as opposed to a single piece, lead nurture emails may consist of several email sends, sent over a specific period to “get your vendors over the finish line”.


How we can help

At Brief Your Market, we have the knowledge and expertise to design not just great campaign types, but emails that are designed to maximise conversions from your customers.

Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge, and data – we know exactly what works to trigger your enquiries and turn them into clients.


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