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BriefYourMarket has a new integration that is live and ready to install on Reapit’s AppMarket.

BriefYourMarket first integrated with Reapit’s AgencyCloud CRM in 2010. Our mission was to create a comprehensive-yet-seamless link between our two systems. The result being a powerful CRM for estate agents to manage their database, but which also allowed them to communicate to those contacts via email, social media and print campaigns.

Since then, we have worked with mutual customers to identify and convert their most lucrative opportunities. Cross-sell, up-sell and repeat business has been achieved using marketing automation, nurture campaigns and improving conversion rates.

Now, as Reapit’s longest-standing partner, we are proud to announce that BriefYourMarket connects with the AppMarket too.

Customers will be provided with information on what the integration offers along with a one-click install option. The integration also allows for further exploitation of our on-market competitor data and off-market geo-demographically profiled data such as identifying when archive contacts are on the move again. Put simply, you will be able to target the right person, with the right message, at the right time and through the right channel, better than ever.

Our Chief Commercial Officer Rich Combellack commented, “I am very excited about this new generation of integration. It will not only allow us to generate more business opportunities for our customers but also post calls to action and activities back into Reapit for follow up”.

Reapit’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Starkey, added: “I am pleased that our long-standing relationship with BriefYourMarket has now resulted in a direct integration accessible to Reapit customers via their AppMarket. The seamless and one-click transition between the two systems enables customers to market to their prospects with greater effectiveness and efficiency.”

It doesn’t stop there, either. Our AppMarket integration is merely a base for future innovations, some of which we’re already working on. And the potential is unlimited.

For more information on apps which are live or are coming soon, visit the AppMarket Partners page.

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