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After less than twelve days of starting a new health kick, the average Brit will fall back into old habits, ditching a new fitness regime every three months.
So, what are you doing to maintain your relevance in an ever-evolving and innovative industry?
Referring to the application of “entertainment, celebrities, and social media influencers to motivate and engage people in exercise”, Health Club Management Editor – Liz Terry – believes that fittertainment has the power to “reshape the way we manage, invest in and market” gym and fitness facilities.
It’s a growing trend that has an increasing presence in the media, with depictions of fittertainment classes featuring in a range of American films, such as: Bridget Jones’s baby and I feel pretty.

Hours a week procrastinating


Unsure how to exercise for their fitness goals


Regularly put off exercising or eating well

Why mix things up?
When it comes to the gym, Brits simply don’t know what to do with themselves, with six in ten consumers clueless about what combination of exercises and machines they need to use to achieve their fitness goals.
Given their unrealistic expectations of the time and effort needed to see results – and that they’re without the means or experience to meet those targets by themselves – it’s no wonder that your customers soon tire of their routines and their memberships.
On average, we spend 11 hours a week procrastinating, especially when it comes to activities that will lead to a healthier lifestyle – 11% will put off exercising whilst 8% will avoid dieting.
Yet it typically takes three months for members to completely give up the gym and cancel their contract, giving you a significant win-back period to change their minds.
Motivate your members with fittertainment
Boredom can be detrimental to your business’ bottom line, with consumers trying 252 fitness fads across a lifetime.
Whilst there isn’t a definitive fitness class that’ll put an end to this flitting, fittertainment will give you a competitive edge by demonstrating your brand’s relevance and commitment to industry innovation.
One in four struggle to motivate themselves to workout, often relying on others to drag them to the gym, which explains why fitness classes have grown in popularity over the last few years.
Fittertainment solves the dilemma of boredom at the gym by using our visual and sensory facilities to create a fully-immersive fitness experience.
One study found that when technology is incorporated in this way, there is a “greater exertion without an awareness of the effort” amongst participants. In particular, it was found that they had higher heart rates and burned more calories without experiencing any difference in perceived exertion.
How we can help
Are you offering your members a customer experience that is dynamic, meets their needs and keeps them connected to your brand?
Seven in ten who quit the gym will only return to exercise provider with a different fitness facility, making it crucial to get your customer journey right.
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