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Generating more results in less time – that’s what automation can offer your leisure business. So, how does it work?
What are the key benefits?
At crucial stages in your customer journey, automated marketing can be used to influence your conversions and reduce membership churn – all without having to physically hit send or make a single call.
This saves your leisure business valuable time and means that you’re getting the greatest return from your database.
Whilst many organisations see automation as purely a means for lead generation, it’s best utilised from pre-membership – if they’ve made an enquiry or had an induction – to the point where they’re either an active member or you’re trying to win them back.
The right triggers for you
Automation enables you to deliver targeted messages at the moment they’re most relevant, but how do you decide what to say and when?
Triggers serve many purposes. They can create personal connections, provide important business updates, cross-sell your services, or identify your members’ pain points by asking for feedback.
Here are just a few examples that we think would work for your leisure business:
Welcome message – as well as confirming their details, this can outline your GDPR compliance, so don’t underestimate its value.
Recommendations – based on buyer behaviour, e.g. classes booked.
Promotions – for your facility, personal trainers, and classes.
Renewal reminders – offering discounts to auto-renew.
Attendance messages – using last visit dates to identify disengaged members.
Class booking confirmations
Win-back campaigns
“A great marketing system to enhance the customer experience.”
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From registration confirmations to yearly anniversaries and key calendar dates, BriefYourMarket.com enable you to automate your client communications and win business 24/7.
And with the help of our marketing experts, you can implement triggers that sound genuine and personal, ultimately nurturing your customer base whilst meeting the needs of your business.
With a number of key integration partnerships, BriefYourMarket.com delivers consistent results in the background of your day-to-day activities. Once they’re set live, you won’t have to do a thing to automate your income.
Schedule your consultation by emailing us at info@briefyourmarket.co.uk, or if you’re a current system user, talk to our Customer Success team on 0344 800 84 24.
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