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Within the hospitality industry, what defines a successful business is its ability to self-generate bookings and increase guest spending – email triggers provide this without taking up your time or resources.
Build an effective stay-in-touch policy
At key points in the customer journey, you can automate emails to influence purchasing decisions, provide a five-star service and generate more income for your business.
Automation utilises key calendar dates and contact information to increase the value of your data.
For instance, if a guest stayed with you over a year ago, you could send a message getting back in touch with an offer to book again.
Increase spend-per-head with cross and upselling
During their stay, you want to encourage your guests to spend more time – and money – at your business without coming across as pushy.
The great thing about triggers is that they’re conveying messages of value whilst giving your customers control over their experience with you.
Here are just a few examples of the triggers that you could use:
Guest profiling – learn more about your customers by asking them what they’re interested in.
Booking confirmation – an important message to get right, this provides a chance to introduce (or re-introduce) your brand and reinforce their booking details.
Pre-stay welcome – in the run up to their trip, you can outline some of your main features and facilities, and cross or upsell on rooms and packages.
During stay – based on their preferences, send an email welcoming them to your business and recommending activities for them to try.
Post-stay – arguably, one of the most valuable triggers, this email gives you a chance to address negative feedback, promote any positive reviews and turn your one-time visitor into a returning guest.

Six in ten hotel guests (59%) are interested in hearing about upgrades or additional services, meaning that your cross-selling triggers are not only serving the needs of your business but the expectations of your customers. 
Automation creates opportunities.
Per month, one of our hospitality customers generated £18,500 in additional revenue from their BriefYourMarket.com system, with their triggers accounting for £3,500 of that amount.
From pre-arrival to post-departure, it’s essential that you’re communicating with your guests to demonstrate your excellence and commitment to great customer service.
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