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Gain complete visibility of your local market using the most accurate data available to the industry. Updated every 24 hours, automate a range of multi-channel marketing messages to your new and missed opportunities.

What makes BuildYourMarket different?


  • Gain complete data transparency.

  • See all active vendors and property movement in your area, updated every 24 hours for an accurate overview.

  • All new listings are updated every four hours, meaning you can see new listings the moment they come onto the market.

  • Multiple marketing channels, including for email, SMS, letters, direct mail and Auto 20/20 campaigns.

  • Accurate ROI with unique trackable telephone numbers, helping you to map your inbound leads to your prospecting.

  • Identify when a lead who had a valuation with you comes onto
    the market with another agent.

  • Utilise budget and automation controls to tailor your experience.

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