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Rightmove’s reports of a 2.3% increase in property prices came just in time for many homeowners who have been in limbo with their property sale. Now, just a couple of weeks later, this great news seems modest in comparison to what we’re hearing from Halifax.

In their House Price Index, leading lender – Halifax – have shown a 4.1% boost from January 2019 to January 2020. This means that for the average property, homeowners will see an added £9,270 in value, taking their home to £240,054.

Commenting on their findings, Managing Director – Russell Galley – had this to say: “the recent positive figures may actually represent activity that would ordinarily have been expected to take place last year, but was delayed by economic uncertainty”.


Monthly increase


Quarterly increase


Annual increase

Although this certainly heralds good news for estate agents and their sellers, not everyone’s so convinced by the numbers.

Nationwide have also released their own report on the market, claiming a smaller but still sizeable 1.9% increase, whilst some industry commentators have gone so far as to suggest that Halifax’s figures have been overinflated.

Market predictions will always be guaranteed to fluctuate by source and by area. But whether properties have risen in price by 1.9%, 2.3% or 4.1%, the takeaway for your estate agency does not change.

That takeaway being, that we’re seeing a clear signal of buyer confidence, as well as a return of demand and activity in 2020.

This latest sign of optimism shows that people are motivated to move again. But are they thinking of you, and what can you do about it?

£2,000 sales fee secured from a BriefYourMarket.com newsletter

“We secured a £2,000 sales fee with a new instruction from a newsletter.

When asked why we were the agent she chose, the client said: ‘three agents came to see me, and the one thing that differentiated Petty is that they’ve been in contact with me each month with a newsletter’, and that’s provided using BriefYourMarket.com.

Our latest campaign kept the offices busy all day.”

How are you ensuring that you’re at the forefront of this?

Agents like Petty and Roberts are using BriefYourMarket.com to prioritise their leads; resulting in new business that they can directly correlate to their marketing.

By sending topical content that resonates with homeowners, they can pinpoint when a contact is on the cusp of converting to instruction – so, how does it work?

With an all-in-one system like BriefYourMarket.com, agents can use their Return on Investment dashboard to see levels of engagement.

Say for example, that Mr Davies has clicked on your email 11 times and clicked through to your valuation booking page twice without submitting any data. That prospect information would never even register on your radar without the right processes in place; it would be lost and the contact could even end up speaking to another agent first.

Your ROI reports present you with this information, giving your lead generation team the hottest prospects to call and convert the minute you’ve hit send.

Business as usual with 174 online valuations from a Brexit campaign

“With topical marketing like this, it’s easy to focus on the negative effects, but it’s also important to realise that there are lots of opportunities and that’s what we wanted to communicate to our customers.

We want to become an agent that’s useful to them, an information source as well as simply offering valuations.

Our emails have been brilliant for leads.”

Targeted follow-up messages are the key to smoother transitions from interest to appraisal to instruction.

A simple message on the positive market conditions would go a long way with local homeowners who have put off selling over the last couple of years.

Many business owners are reluctant to comment on the latest industry news, overestimating the effect a controversial subject might have on their brand image. But your customers need to know what you know.

Brits will sell four times in a lifetime, meaning it’s very unrealistic that they’ll have an expert handle on the situation every time it comes to moving home.

To capitalise on the market growth we’re seeing, it’s your voice they need to hear.

If content marketing isn’t your strong suit, we have a team of professional content marketers that can produce and schedule regular communications for you.

For more information on our Communications Managed service, download our guide.