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With concerns over the coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing social and economic fallout growing every day, the UK housing market has been left in a state of confusion.

The government are doing the utmost to provide clarity and support to individuals and organisations alike; introducing initiatives that will be a valuable lifeline for many SMEs and members of the UK workforce and population in general.

However, given the magnitude of the situation and the accelerated escalation of the ongoing lockdown, there remain to be a lot of unknown ‘grey areas’ for estate and letting agencies to navigate.

Although it’s advised to hold off on new transactions, agents have a duty of care to those already in the process of selling or letting their property – should they be in a position to proceed.

Along with balancing the needs of existing customers and the fulfilment of current contractual obligations and responsibilities, it’s also been suggested that interest will pick back up in the property market towards summer; with more enquiries generated from the self-isolation period.

Online activity will skyrocket and for those unable to put off a move any longer, it will become a necessity to have local agents front of mind and able to service them – in whatever capacity they’re able.

As property marketing providers, we’ve seen first-hand how agents are responding to these turbulent times.

Within two weeks, we saw an increase of 562% in the number of emails being sent to consumers; taking the total communications delivered to 1.35 million in a single day.

Connectivity is key

There’s no doubt that we’ll all face personal and professional challenges this year, but it’s imperative for your agency to stay in business.

To achieve that outcome, you need to adapt your business model.

Burying yourself in every scrap of news relating to the coronavirus might make you the most informed person in the room, but as a strategy to protect your business, it will prove ineffective if you don’t evaluate your operational procedures and ensure they’re fit for purpose in the current climate.

Here’s what we are doing to bolster agencies in 2020…

Protection and planning program

To support agents, we’re running an ongoing webinar series that looks at how you can respond to and overcome the challenges presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Presented by our Customer Relationship Manager – David Mann – these educational sessions will give you an open forum to have your questions answered and find out what’s needed to safeguard your agency for the future.

This program is open to all agents, without any commitments required.

Navigating the new work landscape for lettings and estate agents

Wednesday 1st April at 11 am – session one
Thursday 2nd April at 11 am – session two

This free 45-minute session looks at the changing landscape of the industry, and how you and your team can effectively respond to a new way of working.

The power of video – servicing your customers’ needs on lockdown

Friday 3rd April at 11 am

This free 45-minute session looks at how you can use video to your advantage. From real-time video appointments to pre-recorded viewings, we look at how video can help you keep your business moving forward.

“We loved your webinar – we’re now going to chat specifically about it and put some content together, inspired by it.”

“Great webinar, good information, content and support for letting agents.”

“Thank you for your support, which is much appreciated. We will, of course, remember those companies like yourselves offering solutions.”

One-on-one consultative sessions

For agents looking to proactively plan and prepare for when market conditions re-stabilise, we are also offering a four-part one-on-one program that covers the following topics:

  • Part one – monetise your database
  • Part two – active clients
  • Part three – past clients
  • Part four – on-market opportunities

We’re launching a video module to add further value to your client proposition

Offer homeowners a way to see your properties and list their own homes remotely and responsibly.

You can use this feature to send market updates, pre-recorded property viewings and video tutorials on moving home.

What does this mean for your agency?

  • Send product or service explainer videos
  • Post marketing vlogs to stay front of mind
  • Track interaction and engagement
  • Drive website traffic and keep on-brand