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Figures released by the National Association of Estate Agents show a huge surge in recent buyer demand. 

The number of house hunters registered per estate agent branch saw a 22 per cent increase in January, with the average figure standing at 382 per branch.

To give this perspective, reports suggest that this is the highest figure seen since September 2019. 

Here are three ways that agents can service the demand for properties…

Segment by buyer requirements

Segment your buyers by property requirements and add them to individual marketing lists. This enables you to deliver daily or weekly hot property emails to them based upon their requirements. 


Match properties with urgent buyers in your database.​

Reduce days on market.​

Truly differentiate your service and win more instructions with an enhanced marketing service for vendors.

Deliver on-demand local listings in interactive property magazines

E-Zines provide a truly immersive property viewing experience for readers. As well as automatically promoting your properties, you can also include real-time social media feeds, articles, area guides and promotions of third-party and financial services too.

“Since using E-Zines, we have found an uplift in our website traffic and valuation requests. It’s an attractive tool to potential vendors, showcasing our available properties – something our local competitors don’t have.”

“A prompt, professional, proactive service. We’ve found E-Zines are great for boosting business, as it gives our clients a lovely variety of all our stock and pushes different parts of our business.”

“BriefYourMarket.com keeps us in touch with our core market regularly and without too much input. Together, with our new E-Zines, our strategy has raised our game whilst our competitors struggle to catch up.”

Implement an automated buyer journey that keeps you connected to everyone who registers

From the moment of registration – or enquiry through Rightmove and Zoopla – agents can automate a range of customer journeys.

A great active buyer journey may include…

Portal Lead Responder auto-generated confirmation

Automatically responds to Rightmove & Zoopla enquiries immediately.

Do you have a property to sell?

Three days later, you ask if they have a property to sell.

Visit our website to see a range of properties

Five days later, you direct them back to your properties on your website.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

20 days later, you direct them back to your properties on your website.

Preparing for viewings

30 days later, you send them a handy guide on how to view properties.

Are you still searching?

40 days later, you drive them back to your website.

Viewing reminder

Send a ‘viewing reminder’ 24 hours before the appointment with information about conveyancing.

Offer accepted

Re-enforce the importance of conveyancing, provide information of buildings and content insurance.


Provide information about removals and changing of address.


Send a review reminder and refer-a-friend incentive.

Six-month check-in

Send a satisfaction survey.

1 – 5 year check-in

Generate re-mortgage work and offer an updated appraisal.