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Your customers are spending at least three hours each day on social media. Given that half of consumers (54%) rely on it to find out more about a brand, product or service, what is your estate agency doing to reach them?

Maintaining a strong online presence across the major platforms is essential for any agent looking to capture new leads and influence purchasing decisions. Yet not everyone knows how to tackle tweets, posts and content.

Contrary to what you may think, there is no longer a generational gulf on social media.

What does this mean for estate and letting agents?

With younger consumers the most active online, and the older demographic quickly taking to it as well, you can reach a greater customer base – if you know what to say and when.

Sharing information that appeals to first-time buyers, second steppers or rental opportunities in your area will perform well with millennials. Whilst content that’s geared around re-mortgaging, your fully-managed lettings service and downsizing advice will position you as the go-to agent for your Gen X and Baby Boomer clients.

Social media users by generation:


Millennials (aged 24-39)


Gen X (aged 40-54)


Baby Boomers (aged 55-75)

To coincide with our monthly campaign strategies, we are giving agents a range of market-related and topical social media infographics that they can use across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Buying or selling a property is an emotional investment for 83% of Brits, so for February’s social media plan, we’ve prepared images and content that apply current market trends to the emotional aspect of buying, selling or letting a home.

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Valentine’s Day sees record surges in online searches for ‘how to propose’, rising 82% from 12,100 searches in a month to 22,000 in February.

With so many of your customers taking the next step in their personal lives, introduce them to your range of hottest properties.

Showcase the property marketing exposure that you can generate for vendors across social media and online channels, whilst generating more viewings and interest for your existing listings.


Dotted across the country, these locations are thought to be some of the most romantic spots we have to offer in the UK.

Year-on-year, Valentine’s Day leads to a 9% increase in local online searches – making it a great time to be the local go-to estate agent in your area.

Homeowners will always need to move to accommodate lifestyle and household changes, so offer your services to those looking to sell soon.

For 83% of Brits, property is more of an emotional rather than a logical investment, with 62% nervous at the thought of selling.

Use your marketing messages to squash those nerves this month by sharing real market insight and local advice only you could provide.

Keep your sellers happy with more viewings for their properties whilst targeting new prospects.


Rightmove’s prediction for a 2% increase came true this month, bringing some much-needed positivity back to the property market.

With social media posts that tap into updates and trends within the industry, our agents can become a source of information for their customers.

Rebuild consumer confidence amongst your client base and demonstrate real value to prospective sellers and landlords.

For bespoke social media content that’s produced and scheduled for you, there’s Communications Managed.

Each month, our Communications Managed team will send relevant content to your database via social media, email campaigns and newsletters.

Your Personal Content Executive will create a defined strategy for your agency, with on-brand content that will be sent on your behalf – following your approval.

Increase your brand awareness across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with call-to-actions that lead directly back to your website, and drive attention to your online valuation page and listed properties in your emails and newsletters.

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