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If you run an estate agency, there’s no doubt that you have a team of great salespeople. But what about marketers?

A good marketing strategy for your business should be about more than just generating leads in the here and now. The best agents put in place marketing that is designed to grow their brand, show their authority and provide a long-term pipeline of business.

While larger corporates may have full marketing teams, it’s often the case in smaller agencies that the business owners or other departments are responsible for putting in place the marketing strategy. And even more frequently, it’s something that keeps getting pushed to one side as other priorities get in the way.

If you’ve reached this stage, it may be time to consider a specific marketing resource. But is it something you should hire for in-house – or is it better for estate agents to considering outsourcing their marketing?

The benefits of keeping marketing in house

Choosing to employ someone to take care of your estate agency marketing can have several upsides. For starters, a person who is based in your office on a day-to-day basis will quickly pick up on your company culture, your brand voice and how you want to be seen in the market.

It’s also helpful that they are “in the thick of it” and can see exactly what properties you have available, what your customers are saying and can get direct feedback from your negotiators.

Additionally, if you are using outside agencies for specific skills such as digital advertising or graphic design, having a single point of contact who is responsible for co-ordinating with these agencies can make sure that they do the best possible job.

The benefits of outsourcing estate agency marketing

Choosing to hire an agency or freelancer can be the ideal option for some estate agents.

One of the most obvious benefits is cost. Unlike hiring an employee, you can choose to outsource as and when you need to. For example, you could hire an agency to put together a strategy which is then implemented by your in-house teams. Or you may want to put together certain campaigns at specific times of the year without fully committing to taking on a full time staff member.

A further advantage of using external help with your marketing is that you can hire an objective expert. When you’re too close to your own agency, it can be harder to see the bigger picture – or easy to get stuck in a rut of “doing what we’ve always done”. A fresh perspective can breathe new life into both your strategies and your content.

A hybrid model?

For lots of estate agents, choosing a hybrid model is the perfect solution. Having a point of contact in house who is responsible for day-to-day marketing, but supported by specialist external help for areas where you may have less expertise.

Here at BriefYourMarket, you have the option of either. You can use the platform to write, design and send marketing campaigns yourself, we’ll even provide monthly content for you to use as you see fit.

Or, our Communications Managed team can do it all for you. Either way, our team of marketing experts are here to help skyrocket your pipeline through valuable email, social and print campaigns.

This offers an affordable alternative to hiring in house, or using expensive marketing agencies.

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