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With instructions in many locations now dwindling, but competition still fierce, it’s now more important than ever for estate agencies to understand how they can stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to winning business, it’s often the case that potential vendors and landlords select the estate agency that’s considered to be the best in their location. But how can you establish yourself as that “go to agency” in your local area?

We discuss how you can become a local leader and make your estate agency stand out…

Being visible

Being seen by the local community now goes far beyond simply having a branch in a high street location. The reality, of course, is that most searches for an estate agent start online. Having a good presence on the search engines such as Google and Bing is therefore key to getting found by your potential customers.

Local Facebook groups, the Nextdoor app and a number of online forums all provide you with the opportunity to speak to your “neighbours” right where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to you. Adding value to your audience is the name of the game here. Think sharing your knowledge of the local area, being helpful when people are looking for recommendations and offering advice rather than only ever trying to actively “sell”.

Showcase your local knowledge

One of the biggest bugbears for vendors is when it’s clear that an agent valuing or selling their house knows little about their home or the local area. By showing that you have an in-depth knowledge of your locations at a micro level, you engender trust in your estate agency.

This can be done through placing appropriate blogs and content on your website, pushing out interesting facts and figures through your social media channels, and by providing great local information through your email campaigns.

By showing publicly that you understand your village, town or city you help to build a reputation as a leader in your location.

Show you care about your community

Getting involved with your local community helps to embed your agency into the consciousness of those who may become a customer now or even years later.

Lots of estate agents are involved in local initiatives – anything from sponsoring their town’s youth football team, to donating their time to a neighbourhood charity. However, it’s often the case that no one except those directly involved in those initiatives are aware.

If you are involved in local initiatives, make sure as many people as possible are aware by showcasing it through your website and your communications. This also helps to build awareness of the charity or group you are involved with too.

Providing emails locals care about

BriefYourMarket helps you to push out content that is of interest to your local area. Our innovative services allow you to get the right message, right in front of your ideal customer. From written emails to video communications, we can even create and send campaigns showcasing you as the local leader on your behalf.

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