Enter BriefYourMarket

Surely, agents can’t really talk to potential vendors about differentiation if they are not using their database as an instruction-winning tool?​

When you are out on a valuation, can you say to a potential vendor:

“As well as marketing your property on the portals, we will market your property directly to our registered database of urgent buyers via direct property campaigns. We’ll deliver an off-market buyer-matching service via our digital property magazines, and we’ll drive potential buyers to your property on our website. We’ll then access your property interaction report and identify highly-engaged potential buyers that our team will prioritise and follow-up on.”

Half of estate agents see repeat business as vital to their business, but 74% only communicate with past clients once a quarter or year at most.

Matching the benefits: hot property campaigns

How does it work?

Using the property feed from your CRM system, all of your listed properties are automatically uploaded to BriefYourMarket.com. Drag-and-drop functionality enables you to quickly create a range of property-marketing campaigns.

Match properties with urgent buyers in your database.


Reduce days on market.​


Truly differentiate your service and win more instructions.

“The customer service team are always on the end of the phone to assist with any queries and offer advice.

Our account manager – Murray – continues to propose new campaigns to help drive our business and keeps us up-to-date with any new features and developments.

The range of marketing options available are great and bespoke to your business, we would highly recommend BriefYourMarket.com.”

Matching the benefits: E-Zines

E-Zines are interactive property magazines that give you an on-demand way to display your listings to potential sellers and landlords. The properties in your E-Zine become interactive property promotions that link back to your website.

“On a regular basis, we’re sending E-Zines and triggers. We definitely get two to four valuations our of every E-Zine.

We also get at least a couple of valuations a month – maybe more – from the triggers. And when you start to add it up, our Clifton branch would normally have ten to 12 valuations a month, and with your system, that’s pushing up towards 20.

So, there’s a considerable number of valuations in addition, and – on top of that – they’re always quite warm so the conversion rate is a lot higher.

I always see these valuations and instructions as a complete bonus.”

When a property is clicked on, an interactive window appears. This provides the reader with scrolling property images, full property details, floorplans, pdf media items, EPC documents and its location on Google Maps.

E-Zines provide a truly immersive property viewing experience for readers, as you can include real-time social media feeds, welcome articles, area guides and promotions of third-party and financial services.