Enter BriefYourMarket

Conversations around the rising costs of portal marketing continue to be a trending topic within the industry.

Since property management firm – Apropos by D.J. Alexander – issued a report claiming that around ten agencies had gone bust every week in Britain during 2019, there has been further predictions for this figure to increase in 2020.

Portals obviously play a major part of most agents’ marketing plans, but they should be used in relation to a wider strategy that maximises promotion of listings and agency services.

In this short article, we look at seven ways that agents use BriefYourMarket.com to support their marketing.


  1. Drive traffic to underutilised areas of your website

“I know I have a section of my website that’s underutilised – and we went to the time and trouble to put area guides up.

We just wanted everyone to know what we thought about their area and we did 21 guides, so I thought it would be a good time to highlight that in the last campaign we did.

From this campaign, we had 14 valuations and 3 instructions; easily paying for my year’s membership.”

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2. Send videos of your listings in drag-and-drop hot property emails

“We aim to send a weekly email that goes to our whole database. One of the popular emails we send is a selection of our latest luxury homes across the south west; the majority of which include videos.

Not many agents do videos, so we like to promote ours, and BriefYourMarket.com is the perfect platform to do that.

We find these attract clients, whilst also saying: look, these guys are doing something different.”

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  1. Implement automation to inform clients of the moving process, whist cross-selling your financial services to increase revenue

“Our welcome email works really well and gets people onto our website.

Anytime anyone signs up, they get a trigger that fires over and they get information about us, whether they want to buy, sell, let, become a landlord, become a tenant; you get all the information in one big package with all of our blog posts and articles.

We end up getting quite a high click-through rate on that, with people going onto our website and learning a bit more about us and who we are, so it’s a nice way to introduce ourselves.”

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4. Use your listings in Auto 20/20 campaigns that showcase your performance in postcode areas

“Once we’ve sold a property, we’ll send a 20/20 campaign to 20 houses either side of it.

Every month, we send out a 20/20 campaign through BriefYourMarket.com’s direct mail feature.

If we sold it for over the asking price, we’ll add that in, and we get inbound responses to our customer service team from those.”

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  1. Outsource your content marketing if you have limited time

“The Communications Managed service is practical, usable and rewarding. It takes out the day-to-day planning.

On a monthly basis, we get a superb range of marketing campaigns across email and all major social media outlets.

We can clearly see the results that we’ve had. There’s been a really consistent growth in readership and engagement. The instant online valuation tool has proved to be a really profitable exercise.

A big thumbs up and five stars to the Communications Managed service. I’d really recommend it.”

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6. Directly promote your listings to people in your database to increase viewings

“Since using the E-Zine service, we have found an uplift in our website traffic and valuation requests. It is an attractive tool to potential vendors, showcasing our available properties, which is then distributed to our whole database; something our local competitors don’t have.

Our magazines look lovely with articles direct from our website and designed with our brand in mind.

The service is easy, we don’t have to do anything as it’s all done automatically and in safe hands with BriefYourMarket.com. This really is a great marketing tool for any estate agency business!”

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7. Stay in touch with your database regularly

“We’ve been with BriefYourMarket.com for over four years now. We started off just using monthly newsletters and now we have a whole range of automated triggers set up as well – pre-val, post-val, customer surveys and one-year, two-year, three-year post-completion; just to keep in touch with our database.

I really like the newsletters because it’s just an opportunity to communicate in a slightly different way with different messages; information about the market, information about the area we work in. So, rather than just sending properties, we are actually filling them in on the community that we serve as well.”

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