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As we come to the closing stages of a year we certainly didn’t expect, it’s time to get into the festive spirit.

Despite having gone through our second national lockdown and emerging back into the government’s three-tier system, the property market has remained largely unaffected over this period.

Thankfully, the market has shown its resilience and remained strong, which can be contributed to the fact that unlike back in spring, the UK housing market has been kept open and active for homeowners to progress with their next move.

Whilst it’s not a traditional time for buyers and sellers to flood to the market, 2020 has been an unprecedented year so far, meaning there could be one or two surprises left this December.

Last Christmas, Rightmove saw a 26% increase in web traffic with over four million of us visiting their site, showing just how crucial this season can be for estate agents to grab the attention of their clients before they buy or list in the new year.

At BriefYourMarket.com, communication is critical to us.

Therefore, whilst you were wondering what presents you needed to buy, we were working hard to ensure we could provide you with a comprehensive send plan to step into Christmas with!

Packed with eight different emails to fulfil your every need, you won’t struggle to provide your clients with content this month.


More sales going through the process compared to this time last year


Average home price has risen 7.5% from this time last year


Increase, on average, in people searching online for their next home

With the festive period bringing Christmas joy, as well as the news of the UK housing market remaining open in every tier, it’s important your database knows this.

To support agents in this, we’ve prepared eight campaigns for our December send plan.

These communications look to encapsulate elements of the government’s guidelines, whilst promoting your virtual services, viewings and valuations. 

Light up your property

Encourage your customers to be aware of listing early to maximise online exposure and interest during the Christmas period.

Aimed at vendors and landlords who were considering selling or letting, this campaign uses key market statistics to generate leads for you to nurture.

We’d recommend sending this to a filter based on sales vendors and landlords who have had a valuation with you in 2020 but not instructed your agency.

Hold onto your baubles

This email encourages homeowners to instruct you prior to decorating their property.

It allows you to target your hottest leads to drum up valuations over winter, as well as positioning yourself as the local agent who applies strategic planning to help sellers achieve the best results.

We’d recommend sending this to a list of your recent lead expressions, either using your CRM database or past open and clickthrough reports to identify engaged contacts.

Almost as fast as Father Christmas

As a seasonal campaign, this offers a light brand engagement message to enhance brand association and likeability in your area.

It also introduces seasonal trivia about properties in this period, showing you’re the local and personable agent they need to help them with their sales and lettings needs.

For maximum effect, it would be best to send this to your entire database as a seasonal brand engagement communication.

List before Christmas

Drive valuations across December, with informative content on your region’s tier rating to reassure recipients.

This email also features an interactive GIF, which will stand out in your customers’ inbox.

We’d recommend sending this email at the start of the month to draw attention to your region’s tier number and the fact you’re operating as normal.

Dreaming of the perfect property

This email uses reliable market data from Rightmove’s House Price Index, which reinforces the positive market conditions we’ve seen over the last few months.

It’s best to send this to your entire database to inform them of current property market statistics.

Opening times

This campaign’s purpose is to update your customers on crucial information regarding your opening times.

It also gives you a chance to tell your managed landlords and tenants how they can contact you to report issues with their property over the festive period.

It’s key that you send this to your entire database roughly a week before you close for Christmas. This way, your clients are given plenty of time to contact you beforehand.

Our Christmas thanks

Take a moment to thank your entire database of customers for their continued support and loyalty, especially after a challenging year of ups and downs.

It is also a good way to celebrate the success you’ve had over the year and reflect on the milestones you’ve reached.

Happy New Year

End 2020 on a high this year by sending this campaign to your entire database on New Year’s Eve to get them excited about their property plans in 2021.

The next step for your festive strategy

All of these campaigns are now available for our agents to drag, drop and send from your Campaign Library. To request help implementing them, please contact our Customer Success team.

Alternatively, for more information from one of our marketing consultants, please click below.

For further guidance on how you should proceed as a business, we would recommend referring to information from the World Health Organisation, as well as GOV.UK’s update for agents.