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Whilst we’ve seen dramatic improvements to buyer confidence and activity this quarter, a new threat has emerged that could dampen the return of growth to the UK property market.

The coronavirus has been hitting UK headlines over the last few weeks, with the media only adding to the panicked frenzy.

Like we’ve seen with Brexit, this panic can lead to indecision and inaction from homeowners and agents alike, with neither side knowing how to proceed.

However, as we’ve equally seen with the infamous ‘Boris bounce’ at the start of the year, uncertain periods like this don’t last forever. And – as we’ve seen in cases such as these – are actually followed by a swift return of profitability and movement.

Now is not the time to put everything on hold.

Agents who continue operating under ‘business as usual’, who continue to actively offer their services to buyers and sellers are the ones that see their long-term objectives pay off.

Be mindful of what’s going on, of course, but use this as a chance to try new ventures.

Industry commentators have been adding their voices to the discussion on what customer relationships truly mean in property, with Phil Spencer the latest to share his insight. 

So, why not focus your attention on all of those key instruction-winning moments that you’ve been meaning to implement to make a client’s experience extraordinary?

Look towards your strategy for Q3, Q4 and even Q1 2021.

What could you be doing now and in the future to ease your customers’ pain points and ensure business longevity?

We’re helping agents to capitalise on every opportunity this April

Seven campaigns, seven ways for you to generate genuine leads for your agency.

Our send plan for next month is geared around building trust through educational content for sales, lettings and financial services.

People will always need to move. What we’re giving agents is the platform and the content to deliver that message: ‘we can help you’.

For more detail on what this involves, book a consultation with one of our property-marketing strategists.

Time is money

Properties sell at 99.4% of the asking price at 14 days, compared to 90% at 12 weeks.

Created for contacts who have had a recent valuation with you, this email will lead to more instructions from homeowners ready to sell and those already on the market with a competitor.

Attribute your premium fees to a premium service, explaining why sellers shouldn’t always go for the highest valuation price and lowest costs.

Ultimately, win more primary and secondary sales instructions.

What you should be asking

This campaign explores some of the unusual questions buyers and sellers are asking – such as, ‘are pets are included in the sale?’ – as well as the serious ones you would recommend.

As a light-hearted engagement piece, this campaign breaks down the property journey – showing where your local expertise offers the most value.

 Key benefits:

  • Drive interest in your properties and services in a two-in-one communication.
  • Increase website traffic whilst building brand trust.
  • Encourage more appraisals.

Reasons for a spring sale

Five market-related reasons backing up why spring is a great time for sellers to come onto the market.

Influence more appraisals and instructions with this straight-to-the-point message.

Key benefits:

  • Provide market commentary to appeal to prospective sellers, tipping those who are looking to act soon through to instruction.
  • Capitalise on positive trends and industry news.

MEES compliance for landlords

Coming into action this April, the MEES regulatory changes reinforce the full value of a fully-managed lettings service.

Convert more of your let-only clients to fully-managed, whilst targeting lost customers and landlords who are self-managing.

Draw attention to the high number of landlords who leave themselves open to regulatory and legislative risks.

From my hometown?

Zoopla estimates that 77% of first-time buyers will move 20 miles from home.

Whether you’re able to target first-time buyers directly or indirectly through friends and family members looking to help, tap into this key market sector and position yours as the go-to agency for anyone ready to take that first step onto the ladder.

Give examples of the considerations they should make, with an added section covering the ‘4-year high’ we’re seeing for mortgage approvals.

Has your home risen in value?

Land Registry Data indicates a £5,013 price increase – on average – since last year.

Using this evidence, prompt your past clients to request an appraisal for a more accurate idea of their home’s worth.

In the headlines

From a 4-year high mortgage approval rate to an online lettings scam and taxable gains, discuss three key headline topics hitting the property news to generate more property enquiries.

Identify cross and upselling opportunities for your financial services, whilst targeting customers who completed with you two plus years ago.

Comment on what’s happening in the industry to position your agency as a source of information and demonstrate real value.

Each month, we prepare a send plan full of email marketing campaigns just for estate and letting agents.

These drag-and-drop campaigns are fully-optimised for mobile and are designed to increase your brand awareness and influence more appraisals and instructions in 2020.

To discuss your strategy for market growth, book your consultation from the link below.