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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of speaking directly to your potential vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants. Unlike many other forms of marketing, email allows you to send specific, targeted messages directly to the inbox of your most valuable potential customers.

But how can you ensure that you are consistently growing your email marketing list?

Since GDPR was introduced in 2017, many estate agents find themselves more restricted in how they obtain data and want to know how to build their lists compliantly and safely.

We discuss some of the best ways to build an email marketing list for your estate agency.


Blogging to build an email list

While we’ve previously spoken about the benefits of blogging for your estate agency, creating valuable content is a great way to build your audience.

The key to getting this right is really ensuring that the blogs you are writing provide value to specific audiences. Think market updates, local area news, landlord compliance changes, etc. If your audience can expect regular news and views which are super relevant to them, they will be happy to sign up to ensure that they don’t miss out.  

Adding a call to action to the bottom of each of your blogs inviting users to sign up to get regular content can be a great way to build out a compliant estate agency email list.


Create a “lead magnet”

Many marketers talk about lead magnets, but what are they?

Simply put, a lead magnet is designed to be a piece of content which is valuable enough to get someone in your target market to provide their email address in return for that content. It tends to sit as “gated” content – meaning that a user cannot gain access to it (or the results) without providing their contact details.

The possibilities for a lead magnet are endless, and it’s worth considering different lead magnets for different audiences.

Here are some examples of types of lead magnet that you can introduce to your agency:

Types of lead magnet for an estate agent


E-books or white paper downloads can be a great way to get someone onto your mailing list. The key here is to ensure that you are offering something original, comprehensive and that people really want.

Think a full guide to a regulation change, an in-depth look at schools in a local area, or a topic that is likely to really appeal to who you are looking to garner addresses for.


Online valuation tool

If you already use an online valuation tool, no doubt you follow up your leads to see if they want to book a valuation. However, online tools can also help you to move your leads from cold to warm – familiarising them with your agency.

If you have other audiences you are looking to reach, such as landlords, or buyers, it can also be worth looking at other tools, and checklists which add value.



If you specialise in a specific asset class, consider whether a webinar would suit your audience. This is a great way to both build your email audience, but also to establish yourselves as leaders in the industry.


Other inventive lead magnets include quizzes, free training, and interactive forms. Just be sure to keep it original and of value to your audience.

How Brief Your Market helps you to nurture your email list

Building a great email list really is just the start. With Brief Your Market, you can make sure that you are fully engaging with that list, providing valuable, timely content that will make sure that, when they are ready to sell, buy or let, you are at the top of mind.

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