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Founder of MoveiQ and serial property investor – Phil Spencer – recently launched his regular ‘help for agents’ column in Estate Agent Today this February.

Like BriefYourMarket.com, Spencer is a huge champion of estate and letting agents, regularly empathising the need for them to use their local knowledge and expertise as key differentiators to help them win more business.

“I would suggest that consumers see the true value of an agent as someone who can use their expertise to guide them through the whole process as smoothly as possible… By providing clients with the advice and information they require, you can keep your brand ‘front of mind’ and increase your chances of becoming someone’s go-to property expert for life.”

– Phil Spencer, Estate Agent Today


We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Mr Spencer.

Here’s a quick guide to how agents are using BriefYourMarket.com to keep their brand front of mind and generate more business.

The Return on Investment Dashboard matches against contacts in your CRM and displays the number of appraisals and instructions you are generating from your marketing.

Access full on-market data

BuildYourMarket gives you access to full on-market data that is updated every 24 hours – every four for new listings – and enables you to prospect for new instructions via email, print and SMS.

“33 valuations generated from a newsletter.”

Win more business from the first send by offering your services and getting your brand in front of your clients.

Respond to every portal lead and demonstrate exceptional customer service.

Repurpose your existing database and find out what your client’s next intentions are.

Cross and upsell your services and streamline the buying, selling, letting and renting process for your clients.

“We won six instructions from our first campaign.”

Generate more Google reviews to demonstrate your attention to customer service.

Send market updates and promotional videos to demonstrate your expertise and showcase all of your listings.

What do you want to know more about?


How to locate all on-market opportunities in your area and win more instructions?

How to find and target new vendors and landlords in your area?

How to generate appraisals from your archived database and win more instructions?

How to cross-sell your financial services to increase revenue?

How to generate repeat business from your database?

How to promote your properties and increase viewing activity?

How to increase brand awareness and build a sustainable pipeline of vendors and landlords?


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