Has Your Marketing Gone Digital?

Our digital marketing software allows you to send unlimited emails, unlimited email newsletters, create content, survey your customers and also showcase your best products.
BriefYourMarket has dramatically improved the effectiveness of our communication.


Personalised. Targeted. Bespoke to your branding. Scheduled within the customer journey. Say goodbye to batch and blast.
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Bespoke content from anywhere on the web at the click of a button with RSS feeds. Beautiful templates created just for you. Regular communication that’s targeted to precisely what your contacts want to read. Work smarter with Intelligent Newsletters.
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Our surveys can pin down to every individual response. Segment your customers and follow up suggestions with a targeted, precision email that delights. Build your survey into an email or a newsletter, segment, send, review. Are you read to get more intel?
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Automated Marketing

Automated and transactional marketing is the way forward if you want to spend less time on manual marketing, and because your data is all imported from your CRM to Each message, be it an automated email, an automated piece of print or an SMS can all be personalised with not just the recipient’s name, but really key details, such as their order number, an important date or time, or even their city name.
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Marketing success with SMS is possible and it's easy to integrate effective text communication into your marketing mix. Ever since we started getting the internet on our phones, SMS messaging has been coming back in the world of marketing. Using text messages for marketing might seem a bit old school, but we find that when stats show that people check their phone nearly 50 times a day, there’s never been a better time to engage with your customers or prospects than with a personalised, timely text message as part of your marketing mix.
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