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BriefYourMarket has been invaluable in helping us raise the quality & relevance of our communications.

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Our simple dashboard can be accessed in one click and allows you to see all you need to create a campaign. From your latest send stats to guides and advice from our marketing pros, as well as quick links to get started, you're always seconds away from being able to start a campaign. Plus, you can access your software anywhere where you have an Internet connection, so whenever the creative moment strikes - you can take advantage. Got an issue? Live Chat is on hand, as well as helpful guides and hints.
The Customer Journey
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Where do you want to start today?

  • Create a new email campaign
  • Send out a newsletter
  • Create a new direct mail campaign
  • Update your contacts

The Whole Marketing Mix

Use the one dashboard to access all your marketing mix. Send emails and newsletters, Direct mail, surveys and letters, SMS and more. You have the power to create any of these as one off campaigns, or as part of an automated journey.

Send Printed Marketing Online

With there's no need to use multiple suppliers for your print marketing like flyers, canvassing cards or letters. Our print tab allows you to access our Direct mail suite, where with zero design experience you can create stunning cards. The best bit? We let you take opted in data and send to these homeowners - addressing them by name - so your sends are always personal and relevant.


Set up Automated Messages With No Headaches

Forget mapping out long winded customer journeys. Our dashboard's simple 'Trigger' tab makes it simpler than ever to schedule messages that land automatically with a customer. Create a welcome email, followed by an automated survey, or perhaps a reminder SMS. We pull all the data from your CRM integration so we can track events in real time and ensure the messages only ever arrive at the perfect time.

Email Trigger

Send Emails Automatically

SMS Trigger

Fire an SMS any time

Letter Trigger

Trigger off a letter campaign

Quick Sends for Busy Day

Our Quick Send feature lets you create a new campaign, drop in contacts, and build your campaigns either from scratch or from a template - all in one place. Want to send an email to just a handful of people? No problem. You can also add people into your email database as you go - perfect for exhibitions or events. We automatically check your contacts email addresses and ensure that you never send to someone who has unsubscribed - meaning your campaigns are always 100% above board.
My perfect email campaign

No restrictions on creativity

Building blocks mean that you aren't restricted to a plain newsletter template, and you never need to learn html. We offer a variety of options, from a template created ready for your brand with your fonts, headers and colours, or we allow you to go solo- creating your own newsletter or email using our WYSIWYG editor. With adaptive tech in place, you're free to drag and drop images and text to build a different email every time.

Style without Skill

When it comes to emails and newsletters, just crop and resize images as you go, add in text, a colour or any other function. Our software ensures that the borders align using technical magic, so you don't need to be a coder or a designer to pull off a beautiful email.

Like it advanced? Our Style Editors work like Photoshop, letting you set background images and colour swatches to create campaigns that look incredible.

Smart Responsive Technology

See how your emails look on an iPhone, Android or desktop before you send so you have full control of how your campaigns look. Change up your sender name and experiment with personalisation and try some A/B tests with 4 subject lines, so the most engaging is always sent to your contacts.

Content Made Easy

We know not everyone is a designer or a copywriter. Our software is easy to use, whatever your skill set. When the images are perfectly aligned and ready to go on your newsletter, we also handle content for free. We link to popular RSS feeds that are connected to content created by your favourite industry sites. From the BBC to and thousands more, we let you pull these articles and news pieces so you can drop them into your emails and newsletters and build up an article library.

Every article you create and newsletter can also live on a Microsite - a perfect duplicate of your website that lives on your homepage. If you've struggled to get into email marketing, blogging and getting more site traffic,'s set up means that you only create content once - and you can use it everywhere. Plus, tick a box and your content publishes to social media - automatically, so you're covered there too

Reports At A Glance

See your reports at a glance when you log in, and before you spend, get a SPAM check that's more detailed than ever. We ensure that each send is perfect, allowing you the time you need to revise and amend so errors are minimised. Once the message has gone, keep a track on who's opened each message and turn this data into even more useful marketing messages.
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