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Nine out of ten properties in the UK are insured for the wrong amount…

Whilst six million homes in the UK don’t have any form of house insurance at all, equating to one in every four properties.

In light of these figures, our recommended send plan for insurance brokers this March focuses on homeowners and the various forms of insurance they need to keep their financial investments and belongings safe.

From finding the right contents and building cover, to issues around underinsurance and the problem with auto-renewals, these campaigns exhibit just some of the ways that you can demonstrate your full value to your clients.

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Is your home underinsured?

With over 90% of UK properties insured for the wrong amount, this campaign looks to determine whether a client’s home is adequately covered or not; asking them if they’ve recently made any renovations or improvements that could have affected the price of their property.

Benefits of this campaign:

  • Connect with prospective home insurance clients and encourage them to stop and think before they auto-renew their current policy; drawing attention to the risks of underinsurance.
  • Strengthen your position as the knowledgeable and trustworthy broker within your local area.
  • Drive website traffic and cross-sell more of your policies and services to your customer database.

Your guide to buildings insurance…

Despite building cover costing an average of £258, a vast number of UK homeowners do not see the full value in this form of necessary protection.

This email campaign offers a brief guide to buildings insurance, promoting the importance of having an up-to-date and accurate policy. 

In light of the recent severe weather conditions around the UK, in the form of storms Ciara and Dennis, this campaign could not be more relevant to your clients right now.

Especially considering that storm Ciara is expected to cost up to £200 million in insurance claims – with storm Dennis only adding to this figure.

As these strong weather conditions could lead to the loss or destruction of homes, cars and businesses, this communication and others like it could be used to talk about your personal and commercial lines.

Ready for renewal?

Auto-renewals cost motorists £1.4 billion per year, with many consumers unaware of the costs of staying with the same provider and policy.

With this and the so-called ‘loyalty tax’, it’s easy to see how so many Brits could have lost trust in insurance and energy suppliers in recent years.

When it comes to their properties, homeowners and landlords won’t consider the effect that recent changes could have on their policies; which is where they need your insurance brokerage to guide them.

This campaign provides you with an opportunity to remind clients that having their property valued and ensuring their contents are covered for the correct amount before renewing their insurance policy is highly important – saving them in the case where they have to make a claim.

What is contents insurance?

On average, contents insurance costs £127 per year – which is the lowest average price we’ve seen since 2015.

This campaign example offers a guide to contents insurance that could prove invaluable to your customers.

At least half of consumers are confused or mistaken about what their insurance policies cover exactly.

Using online comparison sites, they’ll make estimations on the value of their belongings and skim over the fine print of what is and isn’t covered.

Although contents insurance in not a legal requirement, sending a message such as this can prompt consumers to realise that they need additional help from an expert to define their policies, positioning yourself as that expert they go to with their questions.